Datathon 2019 supports "open source" culture

Datathon 2019 supports “open source” culture

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Hastan Offers Innovative Business and Social Solutions Hastan enthusiasts work with real-world data sources. Participants from over 20 countries including Bulgaria have accepted the challenge of working with real-life data on social work within Data Science Hackan – Datathon 2019, organized by Data Science Society.

The first of Kaufland’s cases relates to the processing of images of products made in the store, and the task is to identify the objects, their availability and the location on the shelves. This will automatically inform staff of any irregularities or relocations, as well as reduce the availability of shelves on some of them.

The other case, jointly developed by Telelink, Denkstatt, Green Sofia, Sofia and Sofia Vision, focuses on identifying various air pollution factors in Sofia and on the mutual relationships of polluters that affect the overall picture at different locations in the capital. Case study is a natural upgrade to previous Datathon 2018.

All cases and solutions created within a hacker will be publicly available. The aim of the task is to achieve a sophisticated approach to research of various addictions, correlations and factors that determine air pollution.

This is the next step towards the overall view of the social topic of air quality in Sofia, which is based on data analysis. Datathon 2019 is one of the Data Science Society’s initiatives to support “open source” culture. All case studies and solutions will be publicly available as a basis for the development of innovative projects and training in the field of data science.

The best teams from several locations around the world, including students from the University of Lebanon and American University students in Lebanon, will present their macho solutions for independent learning to officially close hackers. Finale Datathon will be held today in Sofia Lab.

Datathon 2019 supports “open source” culture

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