Creating Software – What if It’s Not Magic?

Creating Software – What if It’s Not Magic?

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The conference explores practical things in the development From the blank screen with the zero line of code, and thanks to the efforts of team teammates, a product that uses hundreds, thousands or even millions of users, enough advanced technology is no different from magic.

What is software creation?

Starting with a blank screen with the zero line of code and thanks to the efforts of programmers, business analysts, QA engineers, designers, managers, marketing experts, DevOps experts and stacks of other team workers, we reach a product that uses hundreds, thousands or millions of users. “What if it’s not magic?” Says Astea Solutions, an original IT company that grows and buys customers for more than 12 years, mostly in the US market.

Among them are the names of HBG, Nationwide, Barnes & Noble, Zinio, ETS, and beginners such as Plotagraph, Livelist and Stageit. The Bulgarian company offers a full range of services related to creating a software product – from business object analysis through the UX & UI concept to the development, implementation and maintenance of the software.

Solutions include SocialBook and LiveMargin Reader. Astea Solutions shares its rich experience with the IT community every year – at a technology conference where leading experts talk about software development, programming, testing, business analysis and management issues.

On May 18, 2019, “Astea Conferencing: Practical Spell” will be held at the Inter Expo Center, which will be held at a conference where experts will say that the spell of software takes place through personal experience. The event is devoted to practical subtleties in all spheres related to software development and covers a wide range of topics – from the philosophy of awareness to good practices in system implementation.

Dr. Preslav Nakov will hold a lecture on “Audience Wisdom: Looking for Intelligent Answers”. “This year we will look for” intelligent answers with the help of the crowd “, we will hear more about the specifics of development with machine learning, we will understand why statistics is a powerful tool and how to design UI and UX for virtual reality, “said the organizers of this important IT event.”

The leading speaker of the conference is Dr. Preslav Nakov, Prof. IST at Qatar Computing Research Institute, HBKU. The topic of “Wisdom of Crowd: Looking for Intelligent Answers,” which is directly related to her interests in computer linguistics, the struggle against “false news,” checking the facts and machine translation, Dr. Nakov has been the winner of numerous national and international awards and awards, award for young scientist RANLP 2011 and first prize “John Atanasoff” of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria.

“St. Kliment Ohridski “and a doctorate at the University of California at Berkeley with the Scholarships of the University and the Fulbright Foundation. Other conference speakers are already known.

Among them, Ekaterina Mihajlova, a volunteer programmer and co-founder of Stari Majio, who will give a lecture on “Weigh Magic – How We Abuse Statistics,” and Ivaylo Strandzhev of HyperScience – he will share more about the special features of self-learning engineering. Lecture by Dime Chotrov, lecturer and VR expert, is dedicated to “UI and interaction in virtual reality”.

Alexander Vakrilov, a programmer with more than 10 years of experience – most of whom in Teleriku / Progress – will look at the three most popular front-end frames – React, Angular and Vue. “Astea Conference: Practical Spell” will be held on May 18, 2019 at the Inter Expo Center “How do we create daily releases?”

It is a topic that will be addressed by Damyan Dimitrov, a QA engineer at Astea Solutions. The intriguing theme of “The Magic of Minimalism” will be Yanis Vassilev, a programmer at Astea Solutions. Big Velikov, a developer of CL Bulgaria, will tell you about the “Seven-Year Odyssey Authorization Mechanisms”.

Programmer Kiril Kalchev will also talk about the same subject. Anton Stoichev, an expert on e-government, will offer the public a look at the designer’s head with a lecture titled “Good and What Do You Do?”. Alexander Popov, an expert in computer linguistics and fiction, will give his lecture “What is this (fictional) world?” Push improvised bridges between several different areas of knowledge – literature, philosophy, and artificial intelligence.

Astea Conference: Practical magic is intended for IT professionals – developers, QA engineers, business analysts, UX designers, system administrators and managers. Expected visitors this year are over 200. The event is free and registration is already open.

Among the most noteworthy issues in the previous editions of the conference were “The Future of Programming Languages” by Georgija Angelova, “What is Selling – The Vision or Content” by Ralf Sofronieve and “Making the Misrepresentation” by Bojana Sheytanova. The theme this year is even more promising and the event is expected with an increased interest of the IT community.

Creating Software – What if It’s Not Magic?

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