Cows are among the first 5G users

Cows are among the first 5G users

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Testing the technology of 50 cattle in the UK 5G technology promises to develop … Animal internet. Dozens of British cows already use the fifth generation (5G) network technology.

A pilot project in several villages in the UK aims to explore the benefits of data transfer from animal sensors to the 5G network. 5G technology increases not only the speed of data through mobile networks but also reveals new opportunities for developing the Internet of things.

In this case, it’s about … animal internet. Cisco Systems, which develops 5G network infrastructure, has built a 5G test system in three rural areas in the UK as part of a government-funded project. In the Agricultural Engineering Center Agri-EPI Center, located in the southwestern kingdom, cows are among the first 5G users.

Approximately 50 animals out of a total of 180 are equipped with ear-monitor for health monitoring and smart 5G jacks that control the robotic milking system. When the cow is ready for milking, it approaches the opening of the milking platform, which opens automatically. The appliance recognizes the cow to correct the milking machine properly.

It is claimed that the devices do not damage the cows, and their tracking allows for quick detection of the signs of violations. Organizers will evaluate the benefits of transferring data from the sensor over the 5G network rather than via a computer on the farm and a relatively slow broadband connection.

Farm, founded by the Agri-EPI Center, with the support of the British Innovation Agency, uses other advanced technologies, including automatic brushes that start to spin when a cow is found, time-controlled rolls and intelligent feeding systems.

Cows are among the first 5G users

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