What is the total Cost Of Creating Outstanding website In Nigeria?

Landing on this page simply means you are looking for a way to set up a new website and you probably wants to know how much it will cost you to set up a website in Nigeria.

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I presume you are a newbie searching to know the cost of creating a website in Nigeria. hmmm you made a good search and fortunately you are here for the best answer.

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It’s certain that as a business man or an online entrepreneur you need a website to show your work or make it more effective. An Organisation needs a website to make it more informative and organized.

Some years back when i was also searching for the cost of creating a website in Nigeria i can across lots of Trashs and responsive answers online yet i find it difficult to know the exact cost of creating a website in Nigeria simply because most of the writers aren’t very specific about the cost of creating a website.

I delved deeper and deeper into the journey of creating a successful and professional website and i came up successful even without getting the answer to my initial finding about the cost of creating a website: And God so kind am here today to share with you the cost of creating a website in Nigeria based on my own experience. I just hope this will help you .

What Are the Materials Needed to Create Website In Nigeria

There are lots of materials needed to create a website some are free while others are paid but for the reason of this post, i will only touch the paid ones.I.e blogging materials that will cost you money they are the ones you need to make a professional website.


The web hosting Is the house and the overall managing ground of your website. It’s the place where your entire website is been housed

You cannot just go to the internet and create a website . but with the aid of the web hosting companies you can secure some space online to harbour your website with a little monthly or annual fees

All You have to do is Find any webhosting company of Your Choice, Buy some web spaces (web host) And host your website under them….as you read further you shall learn more.


A domain Name is the name your readers type on their web browsers in order to access your website e.g https://BlogsNg.Com is my domain name and each time you type it on your mobile or desktop browser am sure you will land here in my site

This Domain name is not Free. You will need to register it with some yearly fees. You Can only register a domain name that no other person has registered before.

With Your domain name, every of your audience can access your website irrespective of their location this is why you must be very careful when choosing a domain name for your blog

The same web hosting company that register your hosting can register your domain name.


It’s not really compulsory you create paid contents on your blog but it’s is more needed especially when you are a newbie who haven’t gained any knowledge about blog post writing

Article creation is the blogging it self. without an article a blog/website is not recognized. therefore if you want to create a website as a beginner also think about the cost of creating contents. If you haven’t added it to your budget list before just do so immediately after reading this post.

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You can skip this if you think you can create contents for yourself


Any body can buy a web hosting and domain name , any body can pay someone to write for him/her but not every body can design a website even when they have the above skills.

You will need to hire a web designer to build your websites for you. I won’t recommend you build your life blog yourself when you know very little about blogging.

I have learnt that your blog design and layout can affect your seo and also chase away your audience. a bad website design can increase your bounce rate and reduce your returning visitors.

Don’t do it yourself if you haven’t learnt. You need a professional hand and this may cost you some cash.

All of the above are some of the most crucial materials needed to create a website in Nigeria i added them up because we only want to know the cost of creating a website now let’s do the sum.

Cost Of Creating a Website In Nigeria{WordPress}

Web Hosting :The cost of web hosting in Nigeria varies from one web hosting company to the other. I can’t possibly list all the webhosting companies in Nigeria as they are very numerous. let me show you the cost of the web hosting company i do make use of and upon this web hosting company all my websites and domain names are been hosted.

As of the time of writing this post you can buy a web space /hosting from DomainKing Nigeria without the use of Coupon Code with the Sum of 4,500 Naira This include the cost of your hosting and a .COM.NG domain name. I.e you won’t have to pay separately for domain name if you have the intension of using .com.ng domain name

But if you already have Your Domain name You can buy only web hosting at the rate of 3,500 naira only( this is for the lowest hosting plan)

If You want to Register a .COM domain name and a webhosting from DomainKing it will Cost You 8,500 Naira. It’s the one that you need that will determine the amount you will spend here.

Content Creation: There is no specific amount you can use in creating contents. Every price of Freelancer varies therefore i will only say my price which is the best price with the best service.

I can help You create a a lucrative contents that will rank first on Googles front page with the necessary keywords research (1,000Naira for Each Article)

You can start your blog with at least 20 fresh and evergreen articles which will cost you 20×1000 which is 20,000 Naira for the 20 articles.

Blog Services: Just like the cost of hiring a writer varies so also is the cost of setting up your website (I mean design and layout setup.)

Using my own price; After buying your domain name and webhosting i can help you set up your website via WordPress (5000naira)only.

Let’s take the total of the cost of creating a website in Nigeria –

Total Cost of Creating a WordPress website In Nigeria

  • Hosting Price 4,500naira(considering the lowest price)
  • Content Creation (20,000Naira)
  • Setup and Design(5000naira)

4,500+20,000+5,000= 29,500Naira(if you want to hire a writer)

You don’t have to include the cost of hiring a writer if you already know how to write by yourself.

9,500Naira is the total cost if you don’t want to hire a writer isn’t too little to stop you from having a professional website? think about it.

Having Gone through the above write-ups i strongly believe you now know the average cost of creating and setting up a website in Nigeria. You still need to read the below notes.

NOTES: When we say the cost of creating a website it can be free but the cost of creating a professional website must include some certain fees.

You can Create a professional free website from Blogger.Com this will cost you only the domain charge because it’s a free host but you need a custom domain name to make your website professional or leave it with the blogspot.com default domain and it remains unprofessional.

If you insist creating your website with blogger host then you will only have to budget 1,000Naira if you want to use .COM.NG domain name or 3,800 for .COM or other top level domain names.

Have you gone through the whole process but don’t know how to get started ? email me (KennedyProsper18@gmail.com) i can help You create your website using the charges above.

Did you want to learn How to create Your own website i mean step by step Guide? just Email me with the above email address Charge is just (5,000Naira)

CONCLUSION: Instead of Hiring someone that will only help you design your website and leave you unfulfilled , It’s better you hire someone who will help you design your website and at the same time Teach you the whole process involved in Web creation. Am here on Facebook

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