How to succeed Over Copy and Paste Blogging: Ultimate Hack to Copy and Paste SEO

There’s no doubt that copy and paste blogging is becoming popular everyday in the word of blogging since news, entertainment, and other blogging niches seems to be in demand by every new Blogger without minding the competition.

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I won’t say Copy and past is bad and shouldn’t exits because there’s no way certain niches like : Entertainment, News, Magazine, Music and others can do without it or did you want to make your own music? even if you can edit news and others. What about download and Lyrics websites how do you go about them if not copy and paste or can you write a different lyrics to the same song? (funny it cannot be done).

The above illustrations make it very clear that copy and past blogging will never seize to exist unless in some niches, Like TecH, Health, HowTos, MMO and others this is because those niches need transparency in your write-ups so you can never excel with copy and paste if your niche fall on the above.

HIwap earning

To the bloggers who can’t do without copy and paste, how then can we help them make success so they can also smile even with copy and paste blogging since that has become their hubby (we can’t just let them go without helping them so i have an idea that can help grow your blog rampantly even with copy and paste) but this time it’s strategic copy and paste not the usual one you do. #keep reading…


Small Storyline

I love telling stories that help because out of them my readers do grab knowledge and understanding.

Now my story time again.

Did you know why copy and paste bloggers don’t rank on Google search engine? That’s because they are doing exactly what many other bloggers has done and google don’t really fancy it.

I don’t expect you to rank for a post that has been published over and over again by over 500 – 1000 bloggers (this is called content conflict). Who the will come first? that becomes the issue.

Instead there’s a way you can handle this and still ride on smoothly with good ranking even with your copy and past Blogging. Yes am a story teller but this time around i will make it short because am sure you’re too hot to see the Hintz. so let’s move on to the days matter. “How to Succeed over Copy and Paste Blogging”

How to Succeed over Copy and Paste Blogging

With what am going to share with you below, You will start ranking on google henceforth even with your copy and paste blog if only you can follow the procedures carefully.

Let assume Kennedy Prosper Wrote about “Richest Bloggers in Nigeria” Instead of me copying that article the same way and posting on my blog when i know well i cannot succeed to rank when some top bloggers are already ranking. here’s what i will do and i will end up still ranking with their article.

I will copy the keywords which is “Richest Bloggers in Nigeria” and type on Google search then scroll down to the bottom section “Google related search”

Every Keywords listed on Google related search are keywords that some group of persons are searching for. I will only have to look for keywords that’s very well related to the post i want to copy which is “Richest Bloggers in Nigeria”

So when i looked closely on my related search, i figured out that the closest keywords is “Highest paid Bloggers in Nigeria” What i do is click on the link to see who is ranking for the keywords.

If you click search the related keywords which you want to use in replacing what you copied and you find out that very few or non is ranking for it you can then go ahead but if many are ranking for it then you still need to find other related searches until you see the best match which are easy to rank. (you can also use keywords research to find keywords)

Fortunately, Highest earning Bloggers in Nigeria is easy to rank since no blogger has mentioned that rightly on their Blog post.

Now we have gotten the keywords we wanna use: Instead of using this same keywords “Richest Bloggers in Nigeria, we will use highest earning Bloggers in Nigeria”

All i will do now is type in richest Blogger in Nigeria and copy the sweetest post then Change all the keywords Richest Bloggers in Nigeria to Highest earning Bloggers in Nigeria. If the author of the post didn’t fix in more of the keywords try to use some strategies to add the keywords to some parts of the post now you can publish.

Why the other man keep ranking for richest bloggers in Nigeria, You keep ranking for highest earning Bloggers in Nigeria even with the same post.

If you want to learn more about this: You will need to pay then it will be premium lecture because am sure my explanations above is very clear.

You can use this style in Website niche.

Wrapping Up: How to succeed over copy and past Blogging:

The side effects to this might be very large but it will help you as a copy and paste blogger because that’s what you do without minding effect.

Do it wisely by adding the remove content link under or at the top of your site so that when they eventually and mistakenly sighted their article on your blog they can just request removal (life goes on) they do understand copy and paste exist so no big deal. I would have loved to talked more of this but let’s call it a day. As you leave remember to subscribe for more updates and also drop your comments then share with others .

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  1. Stan Ley said:

    You get brain sha, but remember that newbies that go into blogging to earn money will do exactly what you said here, but when it comes to Adsense approval Gan Gan.

    So my piece of advice is that before anyone tries to embark on copy and paste journey, he or she should create at least 15 original content in order to be approved by Adsense, after that do your copy copy.

    I was once a victim to something like this when I followed Prosper Noah to run download blog, not knowing that I can’t get approved with download niche..


    November 4, 2018
    • Sure bro: if you’re looking forward to earn with AdSense it will be recommendable you write your first set of articles along to AdSense standard and after getting AdSense you can then move on. Thanks for the contributions bro

      November 5, 2018
  2. philip onuchukwu said:

    my man u too much , keep the job going

    November 5, 2018
  3. luqmon abdulsomod said:

    Boss Good job….is this method work well or Entertainment blogs that are updating their blog everyday..

    November 5, 2018
  4. Tomoloju Iseoluwa David said:

    Thanks sir I have been following your blog for quite sometimes now. Am so much grateful concerning how far Beth you have gone with this your blog. Please, mine is how can I build it more to receive huge traffic per day? Thanks. Expecting your reply. From Svi CEO.

    November 9, 2018
    • Like i always tell my fans, There’s no best way of building traffic than writing relevant articles based on SEO practices.

      And most of these SEO practices i have mentioned on this blog. Just do them and relax traffic will come naturally from Google search engine with time

      Thanks for commenting

      November 10, 2018
  5. Rofiat said:

    Thanks for this great article, it really help more Greece to your elbow. Am a newbie I aspired for this blogging stuffs and have paid for trainings and e-books for nothing less than 300k, yes I mean it. But when I got stuck along the way they will not be there to help. But with this your guide I think I can keep rolling, hope if I need your assistance I can contact you. Thanks once again.

    January 3, 2019
  6. Xycinews said:

    I have heard about this no where, guess what. Am going to he a pro copy writer soon.

    February 8, 2019
  7. Faruq said:

    Bro Am A Story Blogger But Some Stories Are Already On Other People Site.
    What can I do so I can get approval from Google with something like that

    March 4, 2019
  8. Boniface said:

    Lol, someone said he is going to be a pro copy writer. You article is nice. Thanks

    March 5, 2019
  9. Mark said:

    I have read your article; it is very informative and helpful for me. I admire the valuable information you offer in your articles. Thanks for posting it

    March 13, 2019

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