Consensus 2019: eBay can add cryptocurrency support

Consensus 2019: eBay can add cryptocurrency support

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The American eBay online trading platform is supposedly going to add support for virtual currencies on its platform. This is evidenced by a photo of an advertising banner from the Consensus 2019 conference. #share #bitcoin #cryptocurrency – wolf (@ImNotTheWolf) 12 May 2019 р. The inscription on one side of the banner reads: “Digital currencies. This is happening on eBay.

”Well, the other side says that the world’s largest marketplace eBay is actively used by 179 million people. Tweet sparked active discussion in the crypto community. For example, some users expressed confidence that the eBay initiative would significantly contribute to the mass adoption of the blockchain and cryptocurrencies. That is incredible .. Everyone enter the #blockchain and #crypto #money world ..

This is good News for the #Bitcoin and #securypto – Oralardan Sert Vurur (@Barslanhan) 12 May 2019 р. Others stressed that this is still unconfirmed information. buy the rumor, sell the news …. #ebay #bitcoin #consensus – Blind By My Hand (@BlindByMyHand) 12 May 2019 р. “Buy on the rumors, sell on the news”

Note that eBay, along with the Indian multinational corporation Tata, Deloitte, IBM, Microsoft, Fidelity, Citi, AWS and Accenture, is the sponsor of the largest conference in the cryptoindustry, which runs until May 15. Recall, a year ago, contrary to expectations, the price of Bitcoin did not show growth against the background of Consensus 2018. – the entire news line,

Consensus 2019: eBay can add cryptocurrency support

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