Complete Blogspot SEO tutorial- Steps to set your Blogger site SEO

It’s been a while i got the request to write a complete Blogspot SEO tutorial from friends who seek to learn blogger SEO from me, seeing the Search engine optimization performance of one of my blogspot sites very awesome.

Am Sure you can learn successful Blogging secrets through me, am also sure you can learn how to make money online with the help of my updates why not leave your email behind let me show you how.

I have always promised to help my blog readers grow their own blog and make money online via blogging, so today i succeeded in squeezing out some time to write about Blogger SEO and a complete guide to help your blogspot site rank on googles front page.

Indeed , Blogspot is one among the most used free Blog builders in the world today and just like WordPress has it own SEO setup Manuals and procedure so also do Blogger has it own SEO setup procedures.

That makes it easy for Blogspot free Hosting users to also enjoy the benefits of SEO instead of just leaving everything for WordPress Users to enjoy.

Though Blogger Don’t use plugin yet the settings from your dashboard has a provision available to set your Blog to be visible on all search engines of your choice including Google.

In this Blogspot SEO tutorial or Blogspot SEO guide, i will be showing you step by step guides to do your free blogspot blog SEO setup without paying anyone to help you as this includes the step by step guides with read further to learn the processes involved.

Before you embark on this tutorial, make sure you have submitted your Blogspot site and sitemap to google search console as that’s the first step to Blogspot SEO

How to Submit Your Blogspot Site and Sitemap To Google:

Go to Google search console home: And add your site URL To Google.

After that Click on Sitemap under the Crawl Section

Blogspot SEO tutorial

At the Top right corner of your sitemap page, Select Add/text Sitemap

Blogspot SEO tutorial

Add Below siteMap, if your blog posts are less than 500 articles

But if your post is above 500, then add below Blogspot sitemap Code

Having added your Blogspot site and Sitemap to Google search console, lets move to the main reason for this post.

Blogspot SEO tutorial (Steps To Set Your Blogger Site SEO)

Login to Blogger.Com from your mobile phone or PC With the email You used to register your Blogspot Website just as usual.

Right From your Blogspot Website login Dashboard, Click On settings and Select Search Preferences As shown below

Blogspot SEO tutorial

Now we want to set our Blogspot site Meta Description.

Having Selected the Search preferences Option, From the next page Edit and enable the Description option because it’s disabled by default.

Blogspot SEO tutorial

Immediately You Change the description mode to Enable, You will see two options [Yes] and [No]

Select the YES option and a text box will appear where you will need to describe your Blogspot site in less than 150 characters.

Your Site Description is what your blog is all about, E.g A Nigerian website for social media tips, tricks and how Tos Tutorial to make money online

That’s just a Demo of what description means. writing description is personal since you know well about your blog than any other person, so briefly describe your site according to what you offer to your blog readers.

The Description is what will show up on google search engine when people search your blog.

make sure its brief, descriptive and eye-catching

With the Above tips You have succeeded in additing Description to your Blogspot blog. Now lets proceed.

Blogspot SEO tutorial (Custom Robot Tags Settings

Your Custom robots head tags allow search engines to crawl your post urls whenever you add new contents to your Blogspot site.

From the Search preferences settings, Click Edit button in front of (Custom Robots Header Tags) And and enable Custom robots tags.

Do your Settings As shown below

Blogspot SEO tutorial

Having Done adding your Blogspot Custom robots tags, Lets move forward to add robots txts.

How To add Custom Robots txt to your Blogspot site

Blogspot SEO tutorial

Now Enable your robots txt settings by ticking on the YES button

Blogspot SEO tutorial

Once you tick on yes and saved your settings , you have successful enabled Custom Robots txt for your blog.

Blogspot SEO Header Setup:

We have learnt that a good template with the necessary SEO properties should contain the H1 tag in every post title as that’s a good SEO practice for every Blogspot theme.

Most of the Blogspot themes do use H3 instead of H1 in post title so if your theme structure doesn’t wrap up your post title in H1, You can change it below.

Change h3 to H2 in Your Blog for SEO.

goto => Template => Edit html => ctrl+f then write

complete Blogspot SEO tutorial for now. but to make it effective on your posts, Follow below guides.

When Writing A new Blog post

I guess you already know how to publish articles on your Blogspot site.

If you have done all of the above settings , you will see a right side bar whenever you want to create a new post as below.

Blogspot SEO tutorial

Aside your post body which is the main texts contained in your blog posts,Your Post title, Your Post Label And Your Description is where you must pay good attention to, when creating articles that will rank on Blogspot site.

  • Post Label:

    The Post Label is the same thing as Post category, so make sure your post categories are SEO friendly as well because google do crawl labels just like it crawl your post links.

    I will advice you stick to using Long tail rick keywords label. E.g instead of just naming your label ( Blogging) why not name something like Blogging Guides and Tips, Blogging Tutorials, Steps To create blog, Guides to Blog etc…….

  • Blogspot Permalink:

    The Blogspot Permalink structure should be taken proper care of.

    always make sure your Blogspot Permalink structure is SEO friendly and very descriptive. Check below screenshot.

    Blogspot SEO tutorial

  • Blogspot Deacription:

    Your Blogspot post description is the text that will show on google, when your post is been crawled.

    You will have to describe your blog post using your targeted keywords. E.g if i write a post titled ( How to kill a rat) and my focused keywords is how to kill a rat, my post description can be as below.

    {Still looking for the best method to kill a rat? in this post, you will learn the complete guide on how to kill a rat}

The above is a short description which target my main keywords which i aimed to rank for.

Blogspot SEO tutorial Tips:

  • Don’t just choose post titles but choose your titles based on the keywords you want to targeted with your post
  • Your Post description should contain your post targeted keywords this will increase your chances of ranking for such keywords
  • Always include your targeted keywords in Your Post Permalink structure
  • In your Post body, Use your targeted keywords in the first paragraph of your post and in your last paragraphs I.e at the beginning and the end of your post
  • Remember, Keywords research is for every Blogger who must succeed

Wrapping Up:Blogspot SEO tutorial and script

The above is the Complete Blogspot SEO tutorial available for now. Am very sure with the above tips, you can rank your Blogspot site on google search engine.

When i was using Blogger.Com, i also practice all of the above and the result was OK.

Don’t forget that your Contents is the King to Ranking on googles front page.

Even after doing all of the above steps , without creating relevant articles , you may end up not ranking as expected, as the above guides is never a magic to SEO. They are only the Steps which every successful blogger must take.

Now, start sharing relevant articles on your Blogspot blog having gone through and practiced the complete guide to blogger SEO and see the result come your way.

If You find this article Helpful, Kindly Comment and share with Your friends.

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Thanks for Reading my Blogspot SEO guide


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