Cloud in Sofia opened the Center for Technology and Innovation

Cloud in Sofia opened the Center for Technology and Innovation

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Nuvolo Software Company, one of the 500 fastest-growing companies in the US in 2018, is expanding its business with the opening of the Center for Technology and Innovation in Sofia and the European headquarters in London.

Cloud is a US company based in Paramus, New Jersey, and is located on three continents – America, Europe and Asia. Its software solutions go to the Cloud Platform ServiceNow platform, which is becoming more and more sought after in digital business transformation projects.

Nuvolo’s European expansion addresses the growing need for digital solutions for digital buildings and facilities management. Investments in Europe reflect the aspiration of the global presence company, Nuvolo said. “We are confident that we can go further than the US growth rate because modernization and digital transformation lead to the creation of many new business relationships in this market.”

We plan a significant expansion for 2019-2020, “said Tom Stanford, CEO of Cloud Nuvolo Center in Sofia is focused on a number of areas: development and development of new software products, technological innovations, introduction of processes and technologies for the digital management of buildings and facilities.

“We continue to intensify our teams by planning a fast pace of growth due to a large number of customers and projects on the European market. At the same time, we are strongly focused on building a culture in which energy is the startup of the spirit combined with the high level of knowledge and competencies that customers expect from the Enterprise segment in Europe, “said Angelina Djadzeva, HR Manager at Nuvolo, Center for Technology and Innovation at Sofia will enable experts to participate in the latest achievements in automation of business processes and cloud-based solutions, quoted in the company.

Cloud in Sofia opened the Center for Technology and Innovation

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