Chinese students cheated Apple with nearly $ 900,000

Chinese students cheated Apple with nearly $ 900,000

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Apple continues to be one of the richest and most influential companies in the world. The tech giant strives to maintain a flawless reputation, but even this does not guarantee unexpected problems.

Two Chinese students are very interested in the fact that they managed to cheat Apple in the amount of about 900,000 dollars. Their idea is to contact the company and publish a problem with an iPhone that can not be turned on or uploaded to Apple, reports TheVerge.

Once the company’s representatives fail to fix the problem, they replace the damaged device with a new model and return it to the owner. Interestingly, the student actually sends Apple to false versions of smartphones.

This scheme lasts more than a year and a half before the company’s internal investigation reveals fraud. It turns out that students have asked to replace over 3000 devices before being detected by the federal authorities that have already agreed to them.

The identity of one perpetrator is clear from the addresses, phone numbers, emails and IP addresses of the devices they use to recover “defective” smartphones. Apple does not approve half of the replacement requests, but it still sends more than 1,000 new versions of iPhone to students. Here’s the time to say that the average price of the device is about $ 600, which means the scheme devalued the tech giant to $ 895,800.

Chinese students cheated Apple with nearly $ 900,000

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