China wants to ban the "digging" of craftsmen in the country

China wants to ban the “digging” of craftsmen in the country

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China continues to be the world’s largest computer hardware manufacturer, which is designed to generate crypto-globes around the world. This is despite the fact that these activities are subject to additional regulations by local authorities.

However, the government in China is pushing more and more pressure on the virtual currency segment, and even considering banning copying links in a crowded state, Reuters reported.

This idea is actually launched by the National Development and Reform Commission (NRCC), which requires public support for industries that encourage, limit or eliminate fully. One of their first proposals is to put an end to the tradition of generating virtual currency in China.

A formal decision has not yet been made, but the idea will still be discussed. Recall that, according to analysts, more than 74% of hardware is in that country.

On the one hand, this is caused by the low cost of electricity in the country, and on the other hand connected with access to specialized hardware. If China introduces the ban, it will become a major problem for people involved in this activity.

Analysts even predict destabilization of the entire warships system. It does not make sense to ignore the fact that the local government wants to have full control over the whole virtual currency industry in the country.

China wants to ban the “digging” of craftsmen in the country

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