China tightens control over computer games

China tightens control over computer games

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Thousands of new games are awaiting Chinese regulatory approval. Chinese regulators have set new requirements for computer games. Last week, the state-run media service agency published a detailed description of documents and procedures for obtaining marketing authorization in the country.

One of the key requirements is the publisher’s obligation to provide more information about the games – from measures to prevent addiction to detailed scenarios, reveals Bloomberg’s publication.

As part of the fight against gambling and other problems, the government suspended gambling licenses last year. So, thousands of new games have been put in order for approval. After the announcement of new requests, regulators will have to resolve both claims filed last August and new orders received to date.

This year’s approval is expected to receive at least 5000 new games and will be unsuitable for filtering. The latter include, in particular, blood and liver games, mahjong games and poker as well as games related to the Empire’s past China.

China tightens control over computer games

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