China prepares restrictions on US technology exports

China prepares restrictions on US technology exports

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The government will react to sanctions Huawei Beijing will obviously respond to US sanctions. China is preparing to limit US technology exports to the US, Reuters reported, referring to a statement by the editor-in-chief of the Global Times, considered close to ruling Communist party in the country.

If adopted, measures point to Beijing’s response to the restrictions imposed by the US on Shenzhen Huawei Technologies based on national security considerations, according to Washington’s words.

Hu Siddzin, the editor-in-chief of the Global Times, says in Twitter that China is building a governance mechanism to protect key technology in the country. This is considered an important step in countering American repression.

If the measures come into effect, some export technologies in the US will be under control, says Hu Sidzin, not citing sources in yours. The Global Times is not an official spokesman for the ruling Communist Party in China, but it is believed that the publication represents the views of its leaders.

Meanwhile, Chinese state media Xinhua announced that the National Development and Reform Commission (NSRB) would organize a study on establishing a “national security management system”.

Those announcements come several weeks after Washington put the Chinese manufacturer of Huawei’s network and smartphones on a blacklist that effectively prevents US companies from supplying Huawei products and services.

Soon afterwards, Beijing announced that it would create its own list of “unreliable” foreigners and suggested it would limit the supply of rare metals to the United States.

China prepares restrictions on US technology exports

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