China has created a 3-nanometer transistor

China has created a 3-nanometer transistor

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Using the “negative capacitance” effect, scientists have been able to halve the transistor voltage by half compared with the theoretical minimum, and China will break through the 3-nanometer electronics on the Microelectronics Chinese Academy of Sciences to develop a transistor that can be to produce in 3-nanometer technology, South China Morning Post reported.

Unlike the 3-nm structure of the Samsung transistor, which implies switching to channels completely enclosed by the door (shutter), in the form of original speakers, the Chinese 3-nm transistor is made in the form of vertical fin fines of the finFET channel with only three countries. Another difference in Chinese design is the material from which a transistor was made.

It is feroelectric and that is the essence of the invention. By the way, he has already issued a patent, reported The problem of producing a 3-nm transistor is not that its dimensions become too small (comparable to, for example, DNA threads). The impedance to reduce the transistor size is so-called.

“Boltzmann Tyranny”. This is the fundamental limitation that has been followed by the reduction of power that is dissipated during the operation of the electronic device. Simply put, after some size reduction of the transistor, it stops working heat and therefore burns. To avoid this, it is necessary to reduce the power supply voltage, but it is impossible to reduce it below the threshold.

This is contrary to the physics of semiconductor processes. And here are feroelectricists. More specifically, theoretically known and paradoxical phenomenon in feroelectrics as “negative capacity”. A stable negative capacitor is physically displayed less than two months ago.

But this phenomenon has long been anticipated and even experimentally reproduced, but with strict conditions. The essence of the phenomenon is that with increasing voltage the capacity does not increase but it decreases.

This allows to reduce the power supply voltage below the threshold. Chinese development engineers have been able to implement the negative capacity effect of a 3-nm transistor construction. It is argued that during the experiment the voltage of the transistor power is reduced by half compared to the theoretical minimum.

At a later stage, Chinese scientists intend to create a technological process for commercial production of 3-nm chips. It will, however, take several years. To encourage this process, Chinese authorities are prepared to exclude companies wishing to develop taxation technology for a period of five years.

If all is achieved, China will reduce lagging in semiconductor production.

China has created a 3-nanometer transistor

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