How to Check Alexa Website Ranking Lists by Categories

Talking About Alexa website ranking lists, it goes by categories but before we proceed let’s understand what is Alexa Ranking

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What Is Alexa Ranking/Rating

Alexa Ranking is a free online tool which can be used to check the position of any website/domain name online.

With Alexa ranking tool you will not only see the global and local ranking of a site, You can also see the keywords the site is ranking for,the numbers of backlinks to the site. The site description and speed rating, SEO reports and other related datas that makes up the website popularity.

Alexa rank is a California based Company which was founded in 1996.

What Does the Alexa Rank Mean

A friend was chatting with me on Facebook few days ago and he said, he is happy because after checking his Alexa ranking he found out that he ranked 20million and he’s still working to increase it to 30million or above

I laughed because i know he is just a newbie who don’t understand how Alexa ranking works so i asked him:

If you happen to be in a class where you have 300 persons as your classmates and your competitors, and after the final year exams you see 299 as your result, is that success or failure? And he answered (Failure).

Then i replied “the same thing applied in Alexa ranking” . the lower your number it shows the effort and your success. The higher your number, it shows your unseriousness and laziness.

Taking Example:

When You check the Alexa ranking of any website and you see 1million or above and you further to check another website Alexa ranking and you see 9k it means that the website with 9k Alexa rating is receiving more visitors that the one with 1million.

In order words Alexa rank a website based on the traffic generated and the time spent on website.

The more people visit your website the more your website Alexa ranking reduce and the more chances of getting advertisers draw closer to you.

Does it have any importance?

Yes yes and yes'””” Alexa ranking have many importance which even this page cannot contain in on post but to me i only use it advantageously in:

  • Getting competitors keywords: This is because after checking any website Alexa ranking you will also see the lists of the top keywords they rank for. With this you can grab them
  • The Alexa ranking is what advertisers use in determining their price.. An advertisers will rather pay to advertise on a site with less Alexa rank than the one with high Alexa rank

let’s go to the days business:

Website Alexa ranking Lists by Categories

Every Website on the internet with premium or free domain must be rated by Alexa ranking as far as it generate enough traffic to meet up with the traffic needed by Alexa rating used in categorizing websites and showing Alexa website stats.

The website Alexa ranking list uses three method categories in classifying any website on the internet.

In every Category of the Alexa website ranking list, it contain 500 top websites from each categories, e.g if you want to check the Alexa website ranking lists and you click on the category (Adult) it will display top 500 adult sites globally. with this you will be able to know the top500 adult websites on the globe.

With this alexa website ranking lists by categories results, you wil be able to get the complete Alexa information about every site based on it’s category.

Usually when we want to check website Alexa ranking we only type in a particular website URL and get Alexa datas relating to the typed url but with the Alexa website ranking lists you will be able to know your top-500 global competitors on any blogging niche or category you have decided to blog about.

For instance if you wish to blog about education, it’s necessary you know your competitors so as to enable you know your focused keywords and how to structure your blog been new in order to bypass your competitors who have been online for ages.

The best method to spy your competitors sites is through the use of the Alexa website ranking lists by categories.

Before i proceed with this simple method let me show you how to easily check the Alexa rating of any website on the internet

How to Check Alexa website traffic ratings of any Website

To check any website Alexa ranking simply heed over to the official website and type in the web address you want to check its Alexa e.g and click on the Find Button to see your result.

In the quickest way you can check any website Alexa ranking directly by replacing with the domain name you want to know its Alexa ranking from the link below.

Alexa website ranking lists

When clicked on the above link you will be directed straight to Google’s Alexa rank.

Apart from using alexa ranking tool, there are other tools which also gather Alexa results, and with these tools you can also check any website Alexa ranking without accessing the Alexa website example of such tools is :

  • WebsiteSeochecker: With this too you will be able to find the Alexa ranking of any website , you can also check Alexa rank of many websites all in one place as it’s a bulk Alexa rank checker free tool.

How to check Alexa website Ranking lists by Categories

To check Alexa website ranking lists by categories, by global and by Country simply click on the below link.

After that you will see many categories such as Adult, Art, Business, Game, health, Home, Tech,kids, News, Regional, shopping, sports etc…

Just click on The category of your choice and you will see the subcategories with the number of sites/domain names under each sub category.

Click on the Subcategory of the link you want to know about and you will see the sites under them arranged in order of their ranks with their description.

You can click on any of the site links to get the full Alexa ranking data.

CONCLUSION With the above easy tips you can now check website Alexa ranking by categories.

As a website owner , the only thing you should be thinking about now is how to improve and decrease your Alexa ranking. Do this if you need more advertisers on your site to earn more money from direct adverts and sponsored posts.

In my next article i shall be teaching you how to improve your website Alexa ranking and the whole steps to take. so stay tuned by subscribing for my next updates and also don’t forget to share this article.

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