CEO Xena.Exchange: Bitcoin Cash was created with the obvious goal of making a splash

CEO Xena.Exchange: Bitcoin Cash was created with the obvious goal of making a splash

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CEO Xena.Exchange: Bitcoin Cash was created with the explicit goal of being welded on April 22 on the ForkLog YouTube channel, the second issue of the Cryptographic Analysis video tutorial was released. On the air of Xena.Exchange CEO, Anton Kravchenko told about Bitcoin Cash fork, the sudden drop in the Waves rate on the Binance exchange, and that it is regularly mistaken for Guf.

The purpose of the rubric is to conduct a fundamental analysis of the industry and talk about trends that will affect the cryptocurrency market. New issues will be published every two weeks. Editorial ForkLog chose the most interesting moments from the stream. About Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin ABC Litecoin at least had a conscious idea about the fork, it changed certain parameters in a positive direction, the speed changed, the blocks changed.

But Bitcoin Cash was created for the obvious purpose of being welded. The division of Bitcoin Cash into Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin ABC is generally a complete game. The teams went their separate ways, but what’s up with the traders?

The only reasonable option when dividing Bitcoin Cash was to short one and longan the second. O Tether and TRON TRON doesn’t look like a scam, it’s just a very high-end project. I do not think that they are sitting right such super-crooks who decided to deceive everyone. The Tether and TRON partnership is definitely a minus for Tether. Because globally they discredit themselves. But they show that they can connect the applicability of other blockchains. They will have a gate through TRON. But for the TRON itself this is also a bad story.

There are many questions to Tether: is there any security, what is it. Their SEC called on the carpet. At the same time, the fact that Tether has existed for so much time on the market says that it will continue to exist. Tether already many years, he endured many cataclysms. Therefore, TRON for Tether is just a new entry. Tether do not care how perceived. About the sudden fall of the Waves. This is a software bug of the bot that made market-making. This happens on the exchanges constantly. A software error that cost Waves somewhere around $ 1.2 million. Such errors are always expensive.

There was a similar situation on the same stock exchange, when the robot went crazy and began selling the ruble cheaper and buying more. In five minutes, he went into minus for $ 6 million. The fact that the Waves got off with 1.2 million is a penny. About Bakkt and Ledger X There are a huge number of miners and buyers from financial institutions. But there is no arbitration between non-deliverable futures and the spot exchange, where the miner sells BTC.

And in Bakkt they decided: let’s make a delivery futures and solve this problem so that the miner can immediately sell. Roughly speaking, we decided to eliminate this narrow neck. A bunch of investors have invested in Bakkt, they have hundreds of millions of dollars of investment there, if not two hundred. But giving regulatory approval to Bakkt is more difficult than giving permission to ETF. And Ledger X is a slightly different thing.

There is a well-known Goldman Sachs. They said long ago that they would pioneer Bitcoin trading, created a cryptocurrency desk, and hired traders there. And then they decided: listen, why are we going to invest money in these guys and pay them when we can allocate it to a separate company, call it a startup and make a profit from its capitalization? They hired these guys and gave them another year and a half ago the task of developing optional models for Bitcoin. That is, Ledger X is a research project of Goldman Sachs. And they drafted the fact that it’s too early for options to work and something else needs to be done.

Here they are with Bakkt and run now together. Say, let us now give financial institutions access to the purchase of deliverable BTC. Ledger X is actually the site of the painters that create models. Bakkt has more prospects. Nevertheless, they thought that Bakkt would start and everything would work well.

The problem is that the regulator does not think so. About Gufa I was really mistaken 35 times for Gufa. One girl out there even selfie dolbanula and posted on Instagram. This is scary because Guf did not wear glasses before, but now he wears it. Therefore, this problem arose.

CEO Xena.Exchange: Bitcoin Cash was created with the obvious goal of making a splash

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