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How to avoid writer's block forever

9 Crazy Skills That Will Forever Destroy Writer’s Block as a Blogger

Godwin OluponmileGodwin is an entrepreneur, a freelancer, a content marketer, blogger and a motivational speaker who has inspired many people through his exposure and enlightenment. He has a brand (Ideaflavour)…

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Is Blogging Profitable in Nigeria?

Lot’s folks are still asking questions like “Is blogging Profitable in Nigeria, Is blogging Lucrative in Nigeria, Can one make living from blogging as a Nigerian, Can blogging be made…

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How to Monetize Your Blog In Nigeria: The Ultimate guide for Beginners

Before you start thinking of how to monetize your blog in nigeria, the question is “Did you know and understand the meaning of Monetization” If yes then you’re good to…

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How to succeed Over Copy and Paste Blogging: Ultimate Hack to Copy and Paste SEO

There’s no doubt that copy and paste blogging is becoming popular everyday in the word of blogging since news, entertainment, and other blogging niches seems to be in demand by…

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great tips to become a professional writer that never quit

Being a full time writer is one of those career I love and am still grinding through Been a successful full time writer will take a lot of effort and…

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Greatest strategies to turn your blog to business

turning your blog into your full-time job is not always an easy task has It can be tricky because there are different ways to monetise your content and then there’s…

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How to write a blog post in less than an hour (see trick)

When it comes to internet marketing content is king. And it important for your  SEO But, there are some times when you will have alot  of things to do like…

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