CashAwoof Review: Pure Scam and Not a legit income scheme-see reasons

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Cashawoof Review is yet another online income program review we shall be looking at in this article after writing so many reviews such as,InnerProfits Review,Promolta Review,Getbarter Review and Lot’s more and now it’s Cashawoof Review.

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Not quite long i was introduced on Facebook to this money making platform via friends who wants to make awoof money online. I needed to register and login to this Cashawoof website whose official URL is Https:// And now am also listed among their member (Smiles)..

Have you also been introduced to Cashawoof? are you are still full of doubtful questions like: Is Cashawoof legit or scam, How does Cashawoof works, How can you earn money from Cashawoof, is Cashawoof paying, Cashawoof payment proofs and many more all because you want to if this program is legitimate or fake.

am not going to write much here as usual instead i will be taking straight to the point “Cashawoof review” so let’s see how it goes.

What is Cashawoof and How does work?

If am to introduce this platform perhaps in an interview from social fans or blog readers, i will say Cashawoof is a website which pays you free money from activities online such as logins, shares, commenting, and lot’s more…

With Cashawoof, everyone can make money on the internet without investment or a startup fee as officially claimed by the website.

How to make money from Cashawoof

Am not really a cool member of this platform so i don’t know how to earn money from Cashawoof. But the little claims shown from this websites says:

  • You earn ₦1000 instantly for registration: I noticed the earning when i joined
  • You earn ₦1 for every news you Read
  • You earn ₦100 when you refer a Friend to join (Cashawoof referral program)
  • You earn ₦50 for daily login
  • You earn ₦20 for uploading your profile pictures; This is paid once in every week
  • and ₦20 for uploading cover photos: Once in a week
  • for accepting new friend requests you earn ₦1
  • you earn ₦2 for commenting on posts and you can comment unlimitedly on various posts.

With many other ways to earn as claimed by the website.(Cashawoof).

What is Cashawoof minimum Payout?

There’s no doubt this part if very heart breaking because admin made the Cashawoof payment threshold too huge.

As of now they claim to pay you when you reach ₦20,000 of your total earning of above. Anything below this will be rolled over to the next payment date which is done every month.

How do Cashawoof get the money for paying its members?

They aren’t charity organization according to them. They claim to pay from the earning they’ve accumulated via various advertisements displayed on the site. Carefully read the text in blockquote below.

In short, Cash Awoof is a replica of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with a content system that chooses to rewards its member for being part of the community with cash.

Do you know?

Mark Zuckerberg, the 33-year-old founder and CEO of Facebook, has a net worth just shy of $70 billion, according to Forbes. While Twitter worth $24.7 billion according to Forbes.

They make all these money off your presence and activities on their platform but how much have you made from them? Nothing! We are transparent enough to let you know that this is a new program and we are willing to come and stay for as long as you are part of these program.

Just like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Cash Awoof makes money through advertisement and instead of keeping all our money with us, we chose to share part of these revenue with our members who are part of our success stories.

Cashawoof Contact Details:

I won’t talk about this now, am coming back for this section am sure i couldn’t find anything like support, Phone number or contact email Address on my dashboard.

Cashawoof review scam legit

Am sure you can now tell something about Cashawoof: even before i finalize everything here. What’s your taught about this program, Scam or legit? Keep that to yourself and let me share you exactly what’s in my mind here.

My Cashawoof Review: Is Cashawoof Legit or Scam?

We don’t judge a book by its cover instead by what’s written therein am sure if you’re following this blog you should heated this time without numbers. Now let me bring your mind back to the question “is Cashawoof scam or legit?”

If you ask me here’s my say:

  • Earlier last month when this website started, it was having a contact detail. But admin only added it to bring in more curious customers who want to earn free money by all means but after getting some good viewers, he removed the contact details from the blog. Let me show you proof.

    Formally the contact us link to this website was which is no longer available but Google already indexed this page so even when admin removed his fake Contact details, google still keep the record.

  • Hope this are the same group of scammers who owns InnerProfits because am scared of this kind of bonus they’re giving out.

    How can they be giving you 1000 bonus upon successful registration and you’re happy because you’re working with Dangotes Cement factory now. my dearly reader i know the level of your curiosity to earn money online but too much of awoof can cause you awoooooof.

  • They claim to be sharing revenue among members: This is Foolish claim which can only deceive the unwise and new born babies online.

    This claim is just an excuse to litter the website with too many adverts.

  • What can you call a website whose identity isn’t found on any social media, Not on Facebook, not on Twitter? go and judge that by yourself.

  • Did you ask yourself why admin has raised the payment threshold so high? this is just a strategy to get the people working and that’s why you see that in less than two months this blog has gone viral. Everyone is promoting just to reach 20k

    Am sure before you reach that threshold, you might have promoted this blog to reach over 20k persons. Even when you discover it’s a scam what about the people you have introduced to this trash what happens to them? They keep promoting as well to reach their own 20k

    Admin just use this strategy to keep the system going.

  • Back to this Claim: We pay our members from revenue share earned from advertisements. What they’ve got there is AdSense Ads and Mgid Ads. Am also a blogger and i know what it means using ada on websites am sure you can see some on this website.

    Millions of persons may visit the website share and go but very few will click on ads especially on useless websites like Cashawoof. They can’t even earn the money to pay 10 persons monthly talkmore of paying the large numbers of audience.

    Even if everyone visiting the site should be clicking on their ads, they can’t still be possible: (Foolish Scammers). They compared themselves to Facebook and others. Facebook and others are up running today because they’re paying no one except their workers.

    If they should pay users am sure the system should have been down long ago. They claim to be caring but they’re just selfish individuals.

  • NNu we know, Newspay we know and others we know but Cashawoof we don’t know.

    When you join Newspay with your 1,600 as an access fee, you refer others to earn 1,000naira while you also participate on other activities. This system is paying you with others access fee and they are also making their gain off it. In that case the system is balance. no one to loose . How come about this Cashawoof. (even a fake and suspicious name) Am angry at this junction and i wouldn’t want to write further. let me quickly draw my conclusion : read on

The mission of Cashawoof income scheme

Cashawoof is a scam and nothing is real about them. Don’t Join, don’t register on this fake income scheme

With this Cashawoof Review, am sure you should know this scheme was setup with the selfish interest of driving audience and making money from advertisements while you earn nothing.

I can fully assure you 100% that this income scheme will never pay you even if you waste your time there. I wouldn’t want you to waste your effort sharing link up and down and at the end you earn nothing . Provision store is better than kiosk oh sorry i typed that wrong prevention is better than cure so keep off.

Did you know why this platform is a scam? Not because it won’t pay some group of persons. Am acquainted with all this online scams. He may pay some group of persons especially the ones who joined earlier just to keep the system running since these persons will keep on with good testimonies.

Am just saying this so you won’t be surprised when you see some earning screenshots of this fake Cashawoof income program online. Be ready for bad news.

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In which ever term you used in landing on this page: Thanks for reading

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