Canadian NDAX will store cryptocurrencies with Ledger solution

Canadian NDAX will store cryptocurrencies with Ledger solution

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Canadian NDAX will store cryptocurrencies using a solution from Ledger Hardware wallets manufacturer Ledger has provided the Canadian National Digital Asset Exchange (NDAX) exchange blockchain solution Ledger Vault, which will safely store the digital assets of customers of the site.

According to NDAX representatives, institutional investors are not in a hurry to invest in cryptocurrencies precisely because of the lack of reliable solutions for their storage. NDAX offers banks, hedge funds and family investment firms an infrastructure for managing cryptocurrency assets.

In turn, the Ledger Vault technology provides multiple authorizations to ensure direct access to digital assets without compromising their security. “Using Ledger Vault, NDAX will give investors complete control and instant access to funds, as well as confidence that their assets are safe,” emphasizes Ledger representative Demetrios Skalkotos.

In addition, the Ledger Vault solution will provide customers with a number of advantages. In particular, the control of private keys will be carried out through segregated accounts, and the hardware security module will allow you to add additional key holders in case of an emergency.

Recall earlier in April, the developer of hardware wallets Ledger raised 2.6 million euros ($ 2.9 million) from the South Korean conglomerate Samsung. The company’s investment valuation reached $ 290 million.

Canadian NDAX will store cryptocurrencies with Ledger solution

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