how to Create a free wordpress Blog using Byethost

Did you want to create new WordPress site for free using your Mobile phone but don’t know how to go about it, and where to get started ? i got a solution here.

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To create new WordPress site for free using your Mobile Phone, You don’t have to access If you do , some features might be hidden from mobile viewers. There are best methods you can use to create and manage free WordPress blogs on your mobile devices without facing any difficulty and that’s what you will learn in this article

To get started creating new WordPress Site, you can either do it using the free or paid WordPress method.

To the new bloggers who haven’t tested WordPress blogging platform for once, i always recommend they get started with free WordPress blogging. After getting the real taste of how WordPress works , they can now migrate to the premium or self hosted WordPress.

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To create new WordPress site as a beginner, there are many free WordPress web hostings you can use to get started. but in this tutorial on how to create new WordPress site, am going to show you the steps using Byethost, one of the popular free hosting platform online.


Creating a personal Blog or a blog that only generates little amount of traffic can be very OK with free hosting. But when it comes to creating a large audience website, then free hosting is never a good option.

You’re only a beginner, and you have very little readers base. After starting with free host, and having grown your readers base or fans, you can then move to premium host. that’s the good news. You can easily move when your site finally goes large.

Have you ever tried to create free WordPress website using your Mobile phone? I guess you went straight to, and i also know very well that you could not do it on your Mobile phone.

Let me show you the easy steps to create and manage a free WordPress website on mobile phone using Byethost.

Follow the instructions below to learn how to register and install WordPress on your Byethost free website.

How to create new WordPress site for free using Your Mobile Phone and Byethost

Visit the Byethost Sign up Page:

create new WordPress sitecreate new WordPress sitecreate new WordPress site

Fill in all of the above forms correctly and click on register

Having registered, you will be redirected to a new page with Byethost policies and a message regarding your email confirmation.

create new WordPress site

You can brows through their website policies or you can skip that if you wish.

The next step is to Login Your email Address for confirmation. And you will see your confirmation message as below.

create new WordPress site

Please Note that: This confirmation message might not appear in your Inbox directly. In that Case you will have to Check your spam folder directly if you are using gmail check here

Hope you can now see your Confirmation message with a confirmation link attached it.? Just click on the confirmation link and allow your page to load.

After loading…., Go back to your spam folder and you will see another email message that your site has been successfully installed.

This message will also contain the login details to your site Cpanel. see Demo below:

create new WordPress site

What you need to take note from here right now is :Your FTP Login and Your FTP Password.

Having gotten your FTP Login details, Open from your browser and you will see a new page as shown below.

create new WordPress site for free using Byethost

Login to your Cpanel with the details you’ve gotten initially. Your username here stands for your FTP Login while your password stands for your FTP Password.

After successful login, You will be redirected to your main Cpanel home. this is the overall managing ground of your WordPress site.

You will see many features: But ignore them all and scroll down to the softaculous Area as shown below:

create new WordPress site free using Byethost

Select Softaculous and you will see many options through which your web can be installed. For this purpose of this Tutorial, we’re working with WordPress and we want to install WordPress so select WordPress which is usually the first option among the lists.

Having selected WordPress, you will see a new page prompting you to install WordPress. just click on Install and you will be taken to a new page.

create new WordPress site using Byethost

Fill in the require details such as your
email address by replacing the default email with your real email address.

change your user name and password from admin to more secured one for security reasons

  • Clear Wp and leave the space empty.
  • Write your blogs title. but don’t worry even if you leave, it you can change it later
  • Leave Enable multisite (WPMU) unchecked

After filling all the required fields, just scroll down and hit on Install

Now that you have installed WordPress successful on your Byethost website, Remember the password and username you used when installing WordPress because that’s what you will use to login your website management area.

After installing WordPress, your new website link will look similar to something of this nature:( and that will be your site URL.

Now that you have installed WordPress, your link is now active. when you visit it, it will look empty without any content and with a default design. To add features to your website you will need to login. keep reading….

Managing Your New Byethost WordPress website

Let assume your site link is to login , construct your URL by adding wp-admin and it will look like

When you visit your site link in the above URL format, it will show you a space to login.

Put in your login details. The same details you used when installing WordPress and behold you will arrive successfully to your website admin dashboard. were you can add or remove features from your site.

Here you can create new post , add
new theme , edit your posts, manage
comments,, add plugins, customize
site and theme , do all required site settings and every other thing a needed on your WordPress blog.

Now, you have a running WordPress
blog but i surely know you don’t like that fucking default theme on your blog

You can download more good looking themes such as ViralBlog lite | Frontier etc to give your site a good design.

After downloading, From your WordPress admin Dashboard, then click on Appearance and select Theme and click on
Add new theme you can now upload the theme you have downloaded.

After successful upload activate it to get it working on your blog.

You can change your theme as many times as you want. You can install any plugin of your choice and do other needed settings in the admin settings section

Guess What? Am tired of typing dude: Am just a lazy folk, and besides i have completed the tutorial already on how to create new WordPress site on mobile phone using Byethost.lets call it a day for now.

Perhaps in my next tutorial I will teach you how you can register and park free or paid domain name to your Byethost free blog which you have just created. so stay around and don’t go away unfulfilled. You can stay updated by dropping your email below so we can get in touch with you when the next tutorial is ready.

Now that you have a WordPress blog, start creating posts and let the blogging begin. It’s now your turn to do whatever you wish with your blog.

WordPress yeeeeeeeeeeeee here we come.

Conclusion:(How to create new WordPress site for free using Byethost

As you blog, don’t be carried away
thereby forgetting your login details.always remember there are two logins that must be taken proper note of.

the first one for the cpane login details and the second one is logins details to your site admin section

Even if you forget your logins, you can always retrieve password but
prevention is always better than cure.!!

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    Thanks for this info

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    I love this article it help me to create my WordPress blog

    August 15, 2018

    Please, what type of PayPal account are you using sir…? PayPal rejected the payment to my own account so I missed payment last week.

    November 19, 2018
  4. Olayemi Moshood said:

    Thanks for this wonderful information. I really appreciate your effort in writing this piece.
    But my questions are; 1. will I be able to change my host any time? 2. Will I be able to get a custom domain in the future??

    January 5, 2019
    • You can upgrade your host and you can also get custom domain name: But there’s no need upgrading in the normal way instead when you’re ready to move from free host, just get your domain and hosting then import your posts to it. Simple

      January 5, 2019
  5. Bright okafor said:

    Can a Nigerian use this

    January 8, 2019
  6. samuel said:

    i keep getting 502 bad gateway when i wanna access the site i created.
    pls help

    January 10, 2019
    • Kindly complete the whole process by installing WordPress before accessing the site.

      January 10, 2019
  7. samuel said:

    i installed it. Infact i have shared 2 stories n the blog

    January 11, 2019
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    March 28, 2019
    • it will be best to make use of computer because you will see the whole display of the site.

      March 29, 2019

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