Businesses reported data loss to the media

Businesses reported data loss to the media

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This is a problem not only for the IT department but also for senior management Printing security has to become a major business priority  59% of companies lost print data loss last year, equivalent to 11% of all IT security incidents, according to research Quocirca among small and medium-sized companies in the UK, France, Germany and the United States.

Research statistics underline the urgent need to focus on print security. Businesses should go from IT department to senior management. At the same time, 27% of enterprises can be identified as leading security printing and measures are the level of security to be achieved, the report states. “For Brother, it is a priority not only to provide quality security features in our products, but also to encourage companies to properly set up, manage and use them to ensure continued security,” said Iva Toteva, Sales Manager and Marketing.

“In Brother Bulgaria, Quocirc’s report confirms that printing infrastructure is often neglected in the IT environment during initial configuration and subsequent use, and now there are huge efforts to integrate clouds, interoperability and storage, creating a large number of virtualized office networks.

Quocirca emphasizes Brother’s continued development efforts to enhance security printing capabilities, which are integrated into the Managed Print Services (MPS) Japanese company solution. Brother products have a number of security features including automated actions such as: Automatic discovery detection, where the device restarts to detect threats, ensuring its security and network security to which it is attached.

Digitally sign the firmware of the device and check it before updating to prevent inf Encrypt passwords and automatically close sessions after a period of inactivity. All the temporary print data are encrypted with a reliable algorithm. Ability to enable and disable low level communication protocols, thus reducing the risk of potential attacks and allowing users to perform their routine tasks.

By implementing a few simple changes or collaborating with a provider of MPS, companies can easily improve their processes and protect operations, employees, and colleagues from dangerous security breaches, the report concludes.

Businesses reported data loss to the media

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