Businesses lose millions of bad data management

Businesses lose millions of bad data management

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This problem leads to productivity and revenue cuts By 2025, the total volume of data will exceed 175 cc. Almost three quarters (73%) of business organizations can not provide their clients with impeccable access to data and services as a result of which one company loses averaging $ 20 million a year, according to Veeam Software research among corporate users.

The report notes the devastating effect of data access problems, which results in revenue and productivity decline, as well as loss of customer trust. At the same time, organizations are serious about addressing data problems.

Nearly three-quarters (72%) aim at implementing cloud data management solutions, often using hybrid cloud capabilities to improve performance and make their business more successful. Veeam predicts that by 2025 the total amount of data will exceed 175 zetababi.

Unlike in 2018, when 60% of this data generated users, by 2025, two-thirds of the data will refer to companies that are required to manage and protect them no matter where they are. Almost half of respondents consider data protection as a precondition for efficient use of investments.

However, only 37% of companies believe in existing backup and data protection solutions, making it difficult to introduce new technologies that can be used for business.

Businesses lose millions of bad data management

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