Understanding and Building Backlinks to your Blog in Three easy Methods like a Pro

And some are still asking “What are the easiest ways to build back links that will positively affect your site when it comes to ranking on Googles front page?” having heard so much about backlinks and it effects on a blog.

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The truth is that without gaining backlinks to your blog even when you have relevant contents, you will still be missing alot in terms of ranking. We are bloggers and we not only satisfy our audience but we try our best to satisfy both our audience and search engines equally.

Just as you create your blog and write stuffs needed by your audience based on the niche rules, so also SEO(search engine optimization) have it own practices you must adhere and until you succumb to them you will never experience the true ranking as desired.

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There are many factors that determine website ranking among which we have the most essential one (backlinks). Some other bloggers might tell you that originality is the key to successful ranking but i will tell you it’s backlinks (especially the quality ones) while originally is just an escort. I noticed by his when big blogs copy contents from other small blogs and still rank first (If originality is the key while is the blog that first created the article not rank first instead the stolen contents still rank first).


Like i always say: I hate speaking in parables when writing to my loyal readers so i would want to throw more light for the help those who have very little or no knowledge about what it really means by the world “BackLinks” in blogging.

What are backlinks in Blogging-Beginners explanation

If am to define backlinks, i will simple say ” Backlinks is the presence of your blog link on other peoples blog or websites”.

I have my blog here which is Blogsng.com and if someone else link back to my site (wither main URL or post links, google will mark that as a Backlink)

When it comes to ranking, google take backlinks as a very big and considerable factor and it’s like those who get the highest and most quality links comes first while others follows, and that’s the major reason why you must also follow the moving tray so as to come first with the power of backlinks on your blog.

Even after knowing this, How then can you make your site link show up on other blogs? (this is what we call link building) and that’s one work so many bloggers has looked down on undermining the essentiality.

The main purpose of this article is to show you how to build backlinks to your blog and maintain good ranking, and am going to show you the practical ways through which i use in building links to my blogs and not just what others says about link building. so let’s get started as you pay complete attention.

3 Easy methods to build Links to your blog + one

80% of the backlinks I’ve got here and other of my blogs are built through these three methods am going to show you while others might come naturally or in other forms. Now am referring to my personal practices. so read on.

There are three major ways i build links which are : Profile links, Link exchange and Blog commenting.

What are profile links, Link exchange and what are blog commenting? am sure that’s the exact question you’ve got right in your mindset but am going to answer that now, so let’s move on as we take them one after the other.

  • Understanding and building Profile Links

    When we say profile links, it means you will have to register on sites which have registration portals and also have the sectors to embed your site links when editing your profile. see below photo of how i added my site link to Gravatar after registration.

    Now after adding my sites to my gravatar profile page, when you view my profile you will see the site links i added and that makes up backlinks (quality one for that matter because Gravatar only gives do follow links). if you are new here, you can click on the Gravatar link above then register and add your site link while you get your first quality backlink as we ride on.

    the next question that should be in your mind is “How then can i get sites that have registration portals and enable me to add my site links as well” if you have that question on your mind then i think i have the answer here.

    The only way to get sites which have registration portals and also enable you add your site links to make up profile links is through your research ‘Naturally most forums have this feature. in that case you should be forum minded when doing your research.

    While most forums have this feature, other websites also allows them in common. And you can see some lists of sites that give Quality Dofollow Profile Backlinks here while you make research to find some others yourself.

    Any site which allows you to register and also add your blog link to your profile editing page is equally giving you Profile Backlink

  • Understanding And utilizing Link exchange

    Another easy method through which i build links is via link exchange. This is when you ask your blogger friends to add your link to any of their blog posts while you do likewise to them. You give them links and they also give you links.

    I usually do this by posting on Facebook since i have many Facebook blogger friends in similar niche. see below screenshots of some Facebook posts i made regarding link exchange.

    With the above i can ask friends around to exchange links with me: All they will require is your site link and anchor text e.g My link is https://blogsng.com and my anchor text is Blog that teaches bloggers how to create and manage successful blogs. that will be your link and text link. And your partner will also give you his link and anchor text. All you need to do is edit any of your related post to the link he gave you and add his site link while he do likewise to your link.

    Link exchange is when you ask your friends to put your links in their blogs while you do likewise to theirs

  • Blog Commenting and Utilization

    When we say blog commenting, it means making your site links present on other blogs through commenting.

    In most blogs you do visit, after reading their posts you will see the comment section where you’re allowed to use your site link. Any link you leave here will be tagged backlink by google as soon as admin approve your comment.

    Through this, you don’t need to spam by using your links in the comment fields instead leaving your links in the URL field which is spam free and also earn you backlink. Though most of the sites comment links are limited to giving you just no-follow backlinks but that doesn’t really matter as you can’t get just do-follow links all through.

    I do sacrifice some days for building link : Let assume today is a day of link building all i will do is write a sweet comment in my NotePad pointing to one particular topic.

    DEMO: Admin Thanks for such an insightful article. with this post shared here i was able to get my AdSense approved in less than two months i must say you’re doing a great job here keep it up.

    That comment goes to any post which talk about how to get AdSense approval all i will do is copy my well constructed comment from my Notepad to my Clipboard and then start googling keywords like “How to get AdSense approval fast, How to get AdSense approval easily etc”

    I will only be posting the same comment at random in the sites i found on google first and second page precisely while i drop my link in the URL field.(don’t border to spam because even the link you added to the URL field is counted as backlink) As soon as admin approve your comments.

    There’s no specific method to know websites which allows link fields in the comment section so all you need to do is search around and comment only on sites which have the URL field in comment sections whenever you’re set for link building.

  • Addition: Write Quality Contents

    In addition to the above listed method to build links, you can also get quality Dofollow backlinks for free even without working for them when you write quality articles.

    There’s no doubt bloggers will love love linking back to your article when you’re a solution to what they are writing about or a related product worth linking to. These links are natural, you don’t beg for them, you don’t work for them, you don’t toil for them and this will definitely make it valuable to google.

    Always write articles worth reading and worth sharing and as time goes on you will notice that most of the back links you will get are the ones that others willingly do without your notice.

Link building might be slow and boring but try by all means to take it as a must do task. as soon as you keep this as regular practice you will find it very easy and lovely Building links especially when you begin to see the results.

I build links to Push my post ranking back pages on google to front page and it work well for me. So when you begin to build links the real way as written, you will notice your posts which aren’t ranking will begin to rank on google.

Just as you strive to build links keep on with your good works which is “Writing Unique articles worth reading In your blogging niche”. Google love it when you invent fresh articles rather than duplicating already existing articles which may negatively affect your ranking.

Wrapping up: Understanding and building links through the easiest methods

Am kinda sure you might be confused with the plus one term i used in my subheading initially (let me explain here)

One other way through which i build links apart from the methods is :Guest posting. I find time to write on other peoples blogs around my niche which allows guest posting options

When you write on other blogs in your niche you not only have the opportunity to get backlinks but also establish authority as a blogger.

Am sure with all of the above you’ve been able to understand the meaning of backlinks and how to get backlinks to your blog. It will also please you to know that there are many other methods ways available for building links (i will advice you do your research to find out more).

Here are some resources that might help you in regards to the above post.

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