Boom in sales of servers is expected in 2020

Boom in sales of servers is expected in 2020

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Global server sales are expected to continue to grow this year. However, the supply growth will be 3.9% lower than in 2018. Forecasts are for DRAMeXchange specialists who claim that this is due to the specific strategy of business users and the overall uncertainty in the industry.

The reported sales growth over the past year is due mainly to US manufacturers, who generated around 30% of all deliveries.

Configuration of the corporate server will continue to report the highest sales, although it is projected that data centers will register 40% more reserves by the end of 2019.

Market observers are convinced that good results in this segment will continue to take full effect next year, with the introduction of 5G technology that is the main contributor to these processes, TechRadar said. This process will increasingly ease internet providers and telecommunications companies on their hardware.

The three largest manufacturers in this segment will continue to be Dell EMC, HP Enterprise and Inspur, which have 15.8%, 13.7% and 7.5% respectively.

Analysts at DRAMeXchange predict that China’s leading cloud providers will lose about 15% of their positions, but their North American competitors will not be affected by their strategy and will continue to grow between 5 and 10% growth. A serious move in this market niche is expected in 2020.

Boom in sales of servers is expected in 2020

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