Blog9ja Review Scam or legit: Make your first 40k online

Blog9ja Review: I can’t stop wandering each time I see people still search Google for keywords like What can i do to make money online in Nigeria, What is the best and the quickest way to make money online in Nigeria…….

Am Sure you can learn successful Blogging secrets through me, am also sure you can learn how to make money online with the help of my updates why not leave your email behind let me show you how.

There have been many ways made available to make quick money online just to answer your queries in regards to earn real cash in Naira online.

Some Months ago , i wrote about NNU review, Wakanda review , Naira4all review and many others. and with this platforms , many others have been making it online.

I don’t know what comes about them as i have been getting some recent bad reviews about those platforms from some of my clients, so i cogitated for another trending platform better than NNU and Wakanda so that my readers can earn continuously.

That means you can start making money online commenting, Sharing , And just login in to your account daily aside using the mentioned platforms above.

In this article we are going to introduce a new trending Platform (Blog9ja Review).

Blog9Ja Review Scam Or Legit

I was chatting with my good Facebook friend few weeks ago, when he introduced me to a make money online platform better than Wakanda and NNU.

I wasn’t sure that there could be any of such program available without my notice been a blogger that always roam around the internet for the best and trending ways to earn decent income online, so i visited the Link he

To make sure am working with real human, i chatted up the admin of Blog9ja immediately for more clarification because i don’t like writing about what i have very shallow knowledge about.

I asked him so many questions to figure out if they are scam or legit because i know how to catch online criminals.

I started My Blog9ja Review right from the admin to some of my Facebook fans to make sure some persons can give good review about the program. But to my greatest surprise, out of the 10chats , i got no bad review from any of them. so i decided to join the Blog9ja Income program.

So far so long i have been enjoying this platform waiting for my second payment. because i haven’t reach the payout threshold.. Am here now to share this testimony with you to tell you i have found another legit make money online platform and an alternative to NNU and Wakanda Nation..

How does Blog9ja Works(Blog9ja Review)

With my personal Blog9Ja Review and reviews from other of my friends ,am sure you should be ready to join this program. But how does this Blog9ja Earning platform really works Let’s see some Blog9ja FAQs below.

  • Who are members or Users of Blog9ja:

    When you register and join Blog9ja, you become a free member just like other related earning programs.

    At this point you cannot have full access to the entire earning program and you cannot get paid as well. So you will have to upgrade your account to premium Blog9ja membership. Where you can make money to your bank account.(for those who wants to make money online).

    Only Premium members are called Blog9ja Users and members while others are Blog9ja Guests.

  • Do Blog9ja Accept Multiple account:

    Because of my first Blog9ja earning which proved them Real, I was fascinated with the program so i decided to set up two accounts to expand my income with the same bank account.

    But i got the reply during upgrading process that you can’t manage two accounts with Blog9ja. So i immediately stocked to my one account which i think can earn me everything i desired.

    The finality of the matter is, For now Blog9ja don’t accepted one person to use multiple accounts. If there be any change in the future , we shall update this page..

  • How much is Blog9ja Upgrade Fee:

    I always tell my Friends and fans who wants to make money online . that to avoid loosing money , they should start with the programs that pays more with little investment or capital.

    Blog9ja is a program you can join with just a small token of NGN1,600(one thousand six Hundred Naira) which i think every one can afford. Both the working and the non working class.

    I was bold to join this program because i will loose nothing if at the end i lose such little amount in quest for the best way to make quick money online in Nigeria. but God so kind i found them worthy.

    To join Blog9ja premium membership, you need no extra charge. You will only pay the one time Fee of 1,600naira and as a matter of fact that was the same amount i paid to upgrade my Blog9Ja account.

    Blog9ja review.

  • How can i Make payment to upgrade Blog9ja account.

    To upgrade your Blog9ja account, After registration, Kindly Login to your account.

    From Your account dashboard , you will see their official bank account.

    Make payment of NGN1,600 to the account with bank transfer, ATM transfer or other transfer methods.

    From Your dashboard you will see Upgrade button, just click on it and upload your payment screenshot and your account will be upgraded

    The online payment method is also available.

  • Do we Have any Blog9ja Payment Proofs?:

    Sure: Many Blog9ja users who have longed been using this platform has confirmed several payments from Blog9ja. and below are some of their payment shots.

    blog9ja payment proofs

    • Blog9ja Payment Proofs Blog9ja Review
    • Blog9ja payment proofs Blog9ja Review
    • Blog9ja payment proofs Blog9ja Review

    • And Lot’s More….

After Upgrading Your account, You will see Your Dashboard Clearly with all the required menu to properly manage your account and earn continuously.

Blog9ja review

How can i earn money Online from Blog9Ja income program?

  • When you become a member of blog9ja by signing up via any unique affiliate link you earn NGN 100 .
  • When you become a member of blog9ja by signing up directly without any link you earn NGN 0 .
  • When you login to the website on daily basis you earn NGN 50 every day. (withdrawal is subject to weekly revenue sharing)
  • When you publish A Post and it is approved you earn NGN 20.There is a limit of 4 POSTS/day (withdrawal is subject to weekly revenue sharing)
  • When you comment on posts(articles ) you earn NGN5.
  • When you share a sponsored link to your facebook timeline, you earn NGN50.
  • When you Refer new Signup you earn NGN1000

Additional income Source:Blog9ja

When There is webiste registration spillover from a random Signup you earn NGN 250 Addiditional Incentives for Referring:

  • When you Refer 50 new Signups You are receive A brand new Blog9ja branded T- Shirt Plus cash price of NGN 2,500
  • When you Refer 250 new Signups You are receive A brand new Android Phone
  • When you Refer 500 new Signups You are receive A brand new Mini HP Laptop
  • When you Refer 1000 new Signups You are receive A CashPrice of NGN 1000×1000
  • *Awarding Earnings for these actions is subject to change. We can change the values at any time, add new actions or review earnings.

    Historical data is not affected. Changes affect only future earnings and awards. How to add a source? The links used as a source need to be original. Use them only if the original author allows his content to be used in other posts.

    Can I publish the same content twice?

    No, you can’t. The content needs to be original. After publishing one article and having gotten paid for it, you are not allowed to republish it again. instead submit more of other articles to earn more.

    How can i withdraw My balance from Blog9Ja

    It’s pretty easy to cashout from Blog9Ja to your bank account.

    Make sure your balance reach NGN2000 , Click on the withdraw option as shown in the Dashboard menu. Then fill in your bank details and request withdraw.

    Wait for alert in Less than 24hrs. Hurry Hurry and Hurry keep enjoying.

    How can i Promote Blog9ja To earn More?:


    After upgrading your Blog9ja account to premium, You can use the available earning methods but to increase your earning, You can add the referral bonus.

    To refer others , Nairaland and other great forums are great membership Base to get more clients and increase your referral bonus.

    You can also promote on Facebook groups, pages and your personal profit.

    In addition you can write Blog9ja Review, just like i have done here to get more referrals if you are a blogger.

    You can copy below promotional Note and replace your Blog9ja affiliate/referral link:


    I want to introduce you to this reliable online money making blog called, Blog9ja

    Blog9ja is a blogging platform designed to help Nigerians get value by reading daily news and still get paid for it* *Yes!!

    When you register on you will earn money for any activity you engage in on the portal such as

    :* *1.Daily login – Blog9ja pays you 50 Naira when you login every 24 hours* You earn N50 X 30= N1,500 just for logging daily

    *2.Sharing A promo to Facebook (Just like this one you reading now)earns you N50*.Do this twice in a day and you earn N 100.

    You earn N50 X 30= N1,500 just for tagging friends on facebook *3.Each post/news you read and comment on earns you 5 Naira.

    Amazing, Right? imagine being able to post 1000 comments with each comment valued at N5.!A whooping N5,000!! Something that can be done in a jiffy* *

    4. For every friend you refer you earn N1000 instantly . * *Lets say you refer just 5 friends daily, You can earn N1000 X 5 daily without stress,Multiply it by 30 days of the month and you discover you can be making N 120,000 cool cash from the comfort of your mobile phone Blog9ja pays all her members weekly and the minimum payout is #2,000 naira* Need I say more?

    *From my above explanation you see that you can be earning passive income just by reading news on Blog9ja and engaging in fun activities. with or without referral*

    *IF YOU KNOW , YOU KNOW* *Contact me if you are interested or register here directly and earn your first 100 Naira Now


    That’s all about Blog9ja Review for Now

    With the above Blog9ja Review, Am sure you should be ready to join the program while it’s hot.

    Don’t let others enjoy this privileges Alone leaving your dreams to make money online unfulfilled in fear of loosing a token of NGN1,600 which is just too small compare to what you will earn in less than a week.

    The Final Say: Blog9ja Income earning platform is 100% Legit and they are still paying their members every week. So they are NOT scam


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    1. Agwero said:

      Went through the FAQ page, limited daily comment!!!…..It is not profitable at all NNU is still the best. Contact 07062247074 on watsap/call to guide you through NNU registration and how to earn.

      August 3, 2018
    2. theyvid said:

      haba, bad guy.. No kill them na

      October 6, 2018
    3. Tehmy said:

      The site is shit I was told to refer 1 person to be able to withdraw earning

      February 1, 2019

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