Blog9ja Payment Proofs- Blog9ja is still Paying (Share,Comment,login=Money)

We shall be discussing about Blog9ja payment proofs but before then lets answer some helpful question to the beginners.

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I was never aware of the fact that before you can withdraw or cashout from NNU income Program , you Must have to refer, This is because, i was not a dedicated entrant in the NNU program.

Some days Ago after writing my Blog9ja Review(Scam or Legit) and how blog9ja works, i caught a question in my WhatsApp inbox asking if It’s a must refer program like NNU.

Only then do i come to understand that without Referrals , your NNU income is just stucked to your NNU account where it remains useless until it gets to your bank account.

Back to the question; ??????

Must i refer before Withdrawing from Blog9ja Income Program?

I needed to contact Blog9ja Admin Immediately to make sure i don’t give wrong answers to my clients.

This is because when i made my first withdraw from Blog9ja, i was already having some referrals so i can’t possibly tell without the help of the Admin. Below was our Chat.?!!!

blog9ja payment proofs

From the above Chat and answer from Blog9ja Income program Admin it’s clear that Referral program is not must.

The answer only says: Referring new clients to Blog9ja will only boost Your Earning and make you reach the payment threshold in no time.

Hope You’ve got the answer to the question’:: Now lets go to the days business (Blog9ja Payment Proofs)

Blog9ja Payment Proofs

Initially when i wrote about Blog9ja Review, I stated some Blog9ja payment proofs. Though i was not specific about that because i don’t want to go off topic.

I have many testimonies and Blog9ja Payment Proofs from many of my clients who registered through my Blog9ja Referral Link and from Admin himself. Check Below.

Blog9ja payment proofs scam or legit

Blog9ja Payment Proofs

Blog9ja payment proofs

Blog9ja payment proofs

Blog9ja payment proofs

Blog9ja payment proofs

More Blog9ja Payment Proofs?

Sure: I still have more Blog9ja Payment Proofs here, but i can’t possibly upload all here, as that will slow the speed and load time of this page.

I have always loved to optimize my sites speed for good users experience. If you want to get more you can contact me.

Wrapping Up

I believe with the little Blog9ja review,plus my Blog9ja Payment Proofs, you may want to join Blog9ja to Also earn money online doing nothing.

To join this program, it’s very easy as i have written some step by step Guides On how to successfully register an account Blog9ja Here You can check.


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  1. Raphael said:

    I want to register
    Can I register under U

    November 20, 2018
    • Yes if you want to register Blog9ja account you can join with my link on this Page

      November 20, 2018
  2. Destiny said:

    I want to register!

    February 1, 2019
  3. Samuel Richard said:

    I was told that I don’t need referrals to withdraw but when I request it says I need at least one referral and nobody wants to join unless they see proof of payment from me

    February 21, 2019
  4. Mitch said:

    You Now Have To Refer Before They Pay You And They Do Not Tell You This Before You Join

    February 21, 2019

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