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Blog9ja Income program VS NewsPay income program in Nigeria

Blog9ja Income program Vs NewsPay Income Program which one is best for me to join?

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Many of my Blog readers has been asking this question about Blog9ja income and Newspay Income program perhaps to know which one is the best.

Ever Since the launch of NNU income program, many other similar platforms keep emerging. After Nnn we hear of other Wakanda, Blog9ja,NewsPay and Now ENigeria income program which i shall be discussing in detail after this article.

All of the above listed Income programs performs the same functions, with different Policies and upfront fees.

One similarity about all of these programs is that “they all are targeting Nigeria Audience.

In this article, we shall be discussing some similarities and differences between Blog9ja income program and NewPay Income program and at the end of this post you will know which one is best for you to join.

Blog9ja Income Program

  • Registration Fee: ₦1,400
  • Earning Per Referral: ₦800

  • Earning Per Daily Login:₦50
  • Earning Per Comment:₦5
  • Comments are limited per day
  • Earn Per Post Submitted:₦100
  • Earn Per Sponsored Post shared:₦50
  • When you join through a referral link You earn ₦100 Welcome Bonus
  • Blog9ja Payment Threshold ₦4000
  • ∆Payment is done Weekly

NewsPay Income Program

  • Registration Fee: ₦1,600
  • Earning Per Referral: ₦1000

  • Earning Per Daily Login:₦50
  • Earning Per daily Visit:₦2
  • Comments are Not limited per day
  • Earn Per Post Submitted:₦100
  • Earn Per Sponsored Post shared:₦100
  • Welcome Bonus upon successful registration: ₦30
  • NewsPay Payment threshold ₦5000
  • ∆Payment is Done every week

Both Blog9ja Income program and NewsPay Income program do pay every Week and they’re both Legit having Shared NewsPay Payment proofs Here and Blog9ja Payment Proofs here in that case, they’re real, Legit and not scam

And as a matter of fact, i have received two times Payments from Blog9ja income program waiting for the next Payment upon maturation.

Blog9ja Vs NewsPay which one is Best?

The both of them are better to join. They are both real and legit. If you don’t have the budget of 1600 you can join Blog9ja with 1400.

To me, i will recommend Blog9ja over NewsPay because of its simplicity. Its very mobile friendly and loading very fast on all mobile type.

Rating: Blog9ja~[9/10]
Rating:NewsPay ~[7/10]

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  1. Emmy said:

    But why is Blog9ja not allowing me to request withdrawal?
    Hope this thing is not scam o…

    December 12, 2018
    • Keep an eye on the Withdrawal button it will be open soon.

      Blog9ja only make payment once in a month now but according to admin after this payment which will be made on 17th they will start paying weekly again

      Just watch the withdrawal button it will be available any moment from now

      December 13, 2018

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