Blog9ja account down? Here’s Solution and how to Fix

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Let me take this as a sound notice to every Nigeria Business owner: One thing is to build your Business , Manage and grow your business and another thing is to secure your business wither online or offline.

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For some Weeks now Blog9ja has been facing some insecurity issues making the website not reachable.

Sometimes it goes on and off and the ignorant ones keep thinking the owner has run away with our money because of the too much fraudulent acts by nigerians but that’s not really possible in a scheme like this.

Unfortunately, after servraly attacks by hackers who invaded Blog9ja the website was hacked down which make it impossible for many of its readers to login into their accounts.

Due to this problem, All blog9ja account balance was refreshed to ZEO naira after the attack but admin got a solution.

I was worried not because of the money i make from Blog9ja but because i have human sympathy and that’s why I’ve refused to learn and focus on hacking initially as it remains a cyber crime.

How can i be destroying one mans hard built business all in the name of been a hacker.God forbid.

Anyway let’s not go into that for now since am not here to discuss reasons you shouldn’t be a hacker. am only here to share you solution when your Blog9ja account isn’t accessible.

Blog9ja Account Refreshed or not accessible Problem and solution

Since admin can no longer have access to the old Login cpanel account of Blog9ja he decided to host his backup files on another server to make sure the business is up running.

Now you can access your Blog9ja account Via Www.Blog9ja.Net without issues instead of using the old domain name which is which has been invaded by hackers.

If you access your Blog9ja account from the above New domain name, it will surely work fine without any issue. and your account balance will be intact without refreshing to 0(zero Naira)

What about my Blog9ja Referral Link

When you Login to your Blog9ja account just copy your Link and make sure your referral link bears the new domain name.

See examples:

My Old Referral Link

My New Referral Link

Am sure you now understand how to fix your referral link from the new account.

Is Blog9ja income Program Scam?

Blog9ja income program is not a scam. They’ve been paying their users since the day one.

Personally, I’ve received countless of payments from Blog9ja and i also shared some Blog9ja payment proofs earlier on this Blog

If You can’t Login your Blog9ja account, it’s all because of the problems explained above. You can access your logins with the new Address as shown from this post.

Did you find this post helpful? Kindly share with other blog9ja Members who’re unable to access their accounts tell them the solution has been found.

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  1. Muhammed Abdulsalam said:

    Thanks for the info

    September 23, 2018
  2. said:

    I’m having issues with this blog9ja I’ve sent money to the designated bank account but anytime I contact one blessing to upgrade my account, he’ll assure me that he’ll upgrade my account only for me to check, its still the same…
    Seriously I’m beginning to think this blog9ja is a scam I’ve paid them over a week ago and Untill Now, my account haven’t been upgraded and the number to be contacted on their site is always switched off.

    January 18, 2019

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