Blagoevgrad got a video surveillance system

Blagoevgrad got a video surveillance system

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Domestic crime expected to be reduced by 30% to 50% Intelligent video surveillance system to improve security for residents and guests of Blagoevgrad.

Vivacom has built an innovative video surveillance system in Blagoevgrad, which includes 179 cameras set up at 68 key locations – entry-exit places, schools, kindergartens, parks.

Some of the cameras have license plate recognition features, analytic features, face recognition, abandoned items and more. The system will continuously transmit information throughout the year to the police and the municipality, telecom reported. more about Blagoevgrad can become an IT center The immediate benefits of implementing an intelligent video surveillance system are related to improving the safety of residents and visitors to the city.

Domestic crime is expected to decrease between 30% and 50%. The system will improve safety during mass events and in the event of disasters or accidents. This will facilitate the interaction of municipal security services by transmitting information to the municipality and the Ministry of the Interior in real-time.

All this will also contribute to establishing Blagoevgrad as a safe tourist destination. CCTV is the first module of VivaCom’s VivaCom urban management platform. The system is based on good international practice, successfully used in 6 countries and 15 cities such as Izmir, Dublin, Zlin, Dubai.

The platform enables the implementation of additional modules in several major areas – mobility, energy, environment, security, management. The single system is expected to enhance interaction between municipal services, thereby increasing control and the ability to respond appropriately in critical situations.

Blagoevgrad got a video surveillance system

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