Bitfinex shareholder began accepting applications from retail investors to participate in IEO

Bitfinex shareholder began accepting applications from retail investors to participate in IEO

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The Chinese platform RenRenBit, which is an intermediary between cryptocurrency lenders and borrowers, began accepting preliminary applications for participating in the public BitForex Bitcoin Exchange IEO stage. RenRenBit is part of the DGroup company, which is owned by a major Bitfinex shareholder, Zhao Dong, CoinDesk reports.

Note that the operator of the trading platform iFinex Inc. has not yet published the official white paper for his token, and has not even confirmed the fact of IEO itself. Dong is the main source of information on tokensale for $ 1 billion and it was he who distributed the marketing documentation of the LEO token through Weibo, although some top managers from Bitfinex have already mentioned the coin on Twitter.

Yes, the token we @bitfinex is thinking about issuing is called LEO. More details soon. #bfx – Rj (@RobertJandeJong) May 5, 2019 LEO – Paolo Ardoino (@paoloardoino) May 5, 2019 Thus, retail investors who have undergone the KYC procedure can already commit themselves to invest up to $ 1,000 in USDT equivalent at the IEO public stage.

However, according to the mentioned marketing documentation, if the tokens are sold out to accredited investors by May 10, the tokensail will be closed in a closed format. As of May 4, the exchange allegedly received verbal commitments of $ 600 million. It is worth adding that the network has already appeared fake white paper Bitfinex token, the authors of which take advantage of the uncertainty surrounding the proposed campaign and the absence of official statements to mislead gullible users.

The official white paper is still not made public. CoinMarketCap, a popular analytical resource, meanwhile, excluded Bitfinex quotes from calculations of the average value of digital assets, since they significantly exceed those of other trading platforms. Recall, New York State Attorney General Letitia James asked the state Supreme Court to uphold the order for Bitfinex, which does not allow her to renew the credit line from Tether Limited.

She warned the court about the high risks for users of the platform and USDT holders. However, a week ago, Tether Limited’s chief lawyer Stuart Hogner stressed that there are no risks for users, although steylcoin is really only 74% secured.

So, Bitfinex could already receive about $ 750 million from the USDT issuer’s reserves to ensure liquidity after the fiat funds of the exchange’s operator were blocked in the accounts of the Panamanian processing Crypto Capital Corp. in Poland, Portugal, the UK and the USA.

Bitfinex shareholder began accepting applications from retail investors to participate in IEO

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