Bitfinex net profit in 2018 was $ 404 million

Bitfinex net profit in 2018 was $ 404 million

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Bitfinex’s net profit in 2018 was $ 404 million Already known to the community shareholder Bitfinex Zhao Dong again shared exclusive information about the exchange.

Thus, according to him, the net profit of the trading floor in 2018 was $ 404 million, and shareholders received dividends totaling $ 261 million, reports 8btc with reference to correspondence in the Chinese messenger WeChat. Note that the staff of the exchange does not exceed 90 people.

This fact was very impressed by the head of the exchange Huobi Leon Lee: “Less than a hundred people earned such a sum! I have a new goal. ” Netfinex net profit in 2017 amounted to $ 326 million; then shareholders received payments totaling $ 246 million.

At the moment, according to Zhao Dong, Bitfinex is already conducting a closed phase of IEO LEO tokens, during which it intends to raise $ 1 billion in USDT to solve all the problems associated with the freezing of company funds. $ 850 million in Panamanian processing accounts of Crypto Capital in four countries.

Dong himself via the RenRenBit landing platform already accepts applications for participation from retail investors. It is noteworthy that, according to estimates by the Prosecutor General’s Office in New York, Bitfinex has already taken a loan of $ 750 million from the reserves of Tether Limited. Recall Coinbase revenues in 2018 could reach $ 520 million.

Bitfinex net profit in 2018 was $ 404 million

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