Bitfinex has received confirmations from investors to purchase $ 1 billion LEO tokens

Bitfinex has received confirmations from investors to purchase $ 1 billion LEO tokens

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Bitfinex received confirmations from investors for the purchase of LEO tokens for $ 1 billion Parent company Bitcoin exchanges received from investors binding and non-binding confirmations for the purchase of the entire supply of LEO tokens worth $ 1 billion, reports CoinDesk.

“Bitfinex is not likely to conduct a public sale of LEO coins,” Zhao Dong, owner of a share in Bitfinex, who is also the founder of DGroup and an OTC trader well-known in China, wrote in WeChat. The non-binding confirmation (soft commitment) in this context suggests that the investor has not yet reserved USDT for the purchase of LEO tokens and therefore may refuse the transaction.

Therefore, there is no guarantee that Bitfinex will successfully collect the stated amount. However, according to Zhao, if any of the investors decides to refuse to participate in this enterprise, the remaining tokens will be distributed among other campaign participants in the order of receipt of applications from them.

Also shareholder Bitfinex noted that his company has already provided binding confirmations (hard commitments) for the purchase of LEO tokens. However, Zhao did not disclose the amount of the transaction. In addition, it is unknown how much the exchange has received this kind of confirmation from investors.

Nevertheless, the supplier of insider information claims that users of the Renrenbit Landing application belonging to it have declared their readiness to invest $ 20 million in this somewhat specific IEO. Yesterday, May 8, Bitfinex published LEO’s whitepaper token, the private IEO stage of which will end on May 11.

It contains the following noteworthy item: “If less than 1 billion USDT is sold in private tokensale, the issuer can continue to sell them in such a way and at such times as it deems appropriate at its own discretion in accordance with applicable laws” LEO Token Issuer is a company Unus Sed Leo Limited, the newly registered IEO-platform iFinex. ForkLog previously reported details of Bitfinex tokensale, as well as the possible impact of this event on the price of bitcoin.

Bitfinex has received confirmations from investors to purchase $ 1 billion LEO tokens

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