best WordPress email subscription plugin- Automatically get your readers updated

Looking for the best wordpress email subscription plugin to get your blog readers updated when ever you create new posts?

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RSS (Rich Site Syndication) WordPress email lists plugins allows you to get your readers updated about every new article you create without Sending newsletter manually.

The google feedburner subscription Formwill allow you to reach your audience via RSS automatically whenever a new post is created, but sometimes you might not like using the google feedburner subscription form directly.You might prefer using plugins for more flexibility.

Not only is Google feedburner subscription form going more difficult because of the captcha verification during new user sign up.

Ever since i have been using the direct feeds form from google without plugin , many of my blog readers do reach me daily that they could not bypass or complete the verification in order to complete their sign up.

As a result i was looking for some good feedburner alternatives so as to enable me blog readers subscribe without any further issues.

In quest for the best wordpress email subscription plugin which can be used for free without any monthly subscription and without limitation , i came across some useful ones which am about to share with You.

best wordpress email subscription plugin

Before you think of using any of the listed best WordPress email subscription plugin, You need your feedburner account set this is because some of this plugins might require your feedburner ID. while some won’t request anything.

Having set up your feedburner google account ,You can check out the below plugins to start building your subscribers .

3- Email lists Building Plugins

Feedburner Email Subscription

This plugin works as a Widget. You can add this widget to your WordPress sidebar or footer depending on your theme structure.

When placing your plugin to get subscribers , make sure you place it in a noticeable area of your blog to get more subscribers.

Upon Installation and activation of the feedburner subscription form plugin ,You can then navigate to add new widget.

Add the feedburner subscription form widget and you will see some settings as below.

best feedburner email subscription form plugin

After adding Your Widget, You will see the feedburner RSS subscription form listed on your blog as below.

WP Subscribe

Wp WordPress subscription form plugin is another RSS subscribers builder. Here you will need your Feedburner ID and some custom texts to beautify the appearance and also make your readers fall in love to subscribe.

After installing and activating this plugin, You will need to show it on your blog via the Widget area.

Go to add new widget, and you will see the option to add the WP subscription form. Fill the form as below and activate.

After adding your WP subcribe Widget It will show up on your blog as below.

Elegant Subscription Popup

Popup subscription form are for aggressive subscriber builders. When people click on your blog the form will popup bidding them to subscribe.

After activating this plugin , To configure the plugin, go to Settings>Elegant Subscription Popup.

Add your feedburner ID and also some custom texts to convince your blog readers subscribe easily. You can also modify your background color and others.

After activating your plugin , It will appear on your blog in popup form as below.

best WordPress email subscription plugin

Which among the best WordPress email subscription plugin would you love to use? I can’t really say the best form builder plugin for now. I will only say, go and put them to test to see the one you love.

As it’s said that one man’s food is another man’s poison. Personally, am using the number one plugin on this list and i love it because it’s very flexible with nice interface.

Did You have any best WordPress email subscription plugin that you are currently making use of? why not share with us in the comment section?

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