Best Paid surveys in Nigeria ( Top paying survey companies suitable for Nigerians)

Are you still looking for best paid surveys in nigeria, highest paid nigerian companies survey sites probably the ones that pay in Naira currency?

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Am also a big fan of make money online free and Recently i was making research on how to make money through online surveys in nigeria but i could not figure out the exact result i was looking for as the answers i got weren’t specific about best paid survey sites that pays in naira. so i needed to switch my searches immediately and from the result i got, am going to show you some top best laid surveys in Nigeria were you can earn extra income at your leisure time.

How most Nigeria Survey companies works

The survey sites are meant to collect datas and informations from other internet users online.

These informations that will be collected by these sites is usually about something. in most cases about brands and companies who has offered to pay for your opinions regarding their businesses.

These data collected will be used by the companies in reshuffling their marketing strategies to meet with clients demands.

In that case you can make money by just sharing your opinions online.

There are many active survey sites in Nigeria, some are scam while others are legit and real. But the list below contain Best paid Surveys in Nigeria to help you earn money online taking free surveys.

From our research, we’ve found out that all these Survey sites has been paying their users since the day they started existing and their credibility has always remained 100%.

Best Paid surveys In Nigeria to earn money online Free

  • This online survey website is available for 60countries including Nigeria. Here you can earn upto 0.50-2$ depending on the length of the survey.

    You get paid when you reach $4 and you can easily cachout using Paypal payment method. You can Read MobRog complete Review Here

  • Triaba.Com you have 3-8 surveys to complete monthly were you earn around 0.5-5$ per Survey. When you reach 5$ you can cashout via Paypal payment method.

    This Survey site is suitable for all user and it works in almost 47 countries. You can read complete review here

  • Palm Research they gives about 3 surveys daily worth 1$, 0.75$ and 0.50$ survey length can take you less than 6-12 minutes to complete each survey and you get paid when you reach $10 through PayPal payment method.

    They accept many African countries including Nigeria. in that case you can take surveys from Nigeria through the help of this site.

    You can checkout complete review about palm research here

  • Executive Option Unlike other survey websites were anyone can participate and earn. Here it only requires business professionals to take surveys.

    Your earning are accumulated in points and when you earn 1’000points you can exchange with the cash of $50 which you can cashout via Cheque request.

    If you’re a business professional, you can check out this survey. See more review here

  • Quest MindShareThey are also one of the best survey sites eligible for Nigerians were you earn around 2-5$ per Survey and you get paid when you reach 12.5$.

    This survey site is accessible on both mobile and PC. You can Read Complete review Here

  • PaidView Point You will earn about $1 sign up bonus. This is one best easy to join survey site which works and supports all countries in the world.

    Your Survey will be sent to you via email messages and you can join as far as you are above 13yrs. Check out complete review here

how to make money through online surveys in Nigeria

Below tips will help you increase your income when using online survey as an income source:

  • Join As many legit survey sites as possible. this will make you accumulate more earning in a short while
  • Always be responsive to your email messages so you won’t miss out any survey sent to you via email messages. In most cases, people who reply surveys quickly earn bigger.
  • In a situation where you get many survey messages at ones, reply the ones with high earning first before attending to others

When effectively used, online survey can be an additional income source to those who cares to make money online in Nigeria for free.

If your search is about Survey sites that pays in Naira , You can Check out here on Nairaland same issue was handled there.

Wrapping Up:Best Paid survey sites in Nigeria

So far we have recommended some best paid surveys in Nigeria, You can make more research about them if you want or join immediately to Start working as required while you earn.

Most of the above listed best paid surveys in Nigeria also pays for referrals, In that case you also earn some commissions when you refer others to take surveys.

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