Best Music Keywords for Nigeria Music Bloggers to drive Google traffic

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Do you think Music Bloggers don’t do Keywords research? if yes then you’re equally getting it wrong and you are also missing out some best music keywords for music bloggers because of your inability or ignorance to Keywords research in your music niche

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There is no doubt that Music Niche is very Competitive in Nigeria today and because of the too much competition in the music niche, young Music Bloggers find it very difficult to rank their music Websites.

If you must succeed as a music Blogger in Nigeria today even with the many competitions, there are just two options that i always recommend and these options has been helping most of my blog readers grow their music Blogs to get traffic even when there are millions of Music blogs out there.

here are the Methods:

Two Methods to grow Your New Music Blog

  • BackUp Traffic Articles

    When i mean Backup Traffic Articles i simply means some blog posts that will drive organic traffics to your music Blog.

    I don’t expect you to Create your music Blog and start Uploading only Olamide, Techno, Timaya,Wizkid and other popular artist songs and be expecting to get google traffic when you know well that sites like Naijaloaded, Tooxclusive, 9jaflaver and other giants music websites in Nigeria are there to eat the whole traffic.

    Instead Keep writing blog posts that are related to music and this Posts must be based on Keywords research so that you can easily know what others are searching for.

    Most of the traffic driving Keywords in the music industry are left untapped while all the music bloggers keep killing themselves with competition here and there.

    If you can figure out these Keywords, you will keep driving secrete traffic to your music Blog while you leave others to continue with their competition. just relax and keep reading you still have alot to learn.

  • Spend Heavily

    As a new music blogger in Nigeria, if you must grow you blog to get noticed, you will either use the first method to drive traffic or be ready to spend heavily in promoting your new music blog here and there.

    But wait a little: Why must you be spending heavily on a blog you don’t even have the assurance will earn you money or not. Can you imagine what am thinking right here?

    What if after spending heavily to promote and yet you couldn’t make success who will you cry for?

    One good reason why you should not spend heavily in promoting your music Blog is that “am not even sure you have the capital required to promote your site to outrank the giant music blogs in Nigeria”. I know what am saying…

    Am not discouraging you to spend heavily in promoting your music Blog but am only creating the awareness that writing the Backup Traffic Articles method works better than promotion. the reason is because you don’t need to spend money in writing this articles if you’ve already learnt to write Blog posts. Secondly you will keep driving traffic to your music blog with your researched Keywords for life.

Having learnt that you need Backup secrete Traffic Articles in your music Blog: How then can you get the best music Keywords that will drive traffic to your music Blog in Nigeria?

Getting Best music keywords

Like the Pro always say: DO KEYWORDS RESEARCH

With the aid of Keywords research, you can easily find all hidden Keywords which people are searching for daily related to your music niche.

Am sure you’ve read from other Blogs where they tell you: Use Semrush and other Keywords research tools? Well they are best Keywords research tools but i don’t use them either not even on this blog you’re reading from yet i get the best Keywords to blog about.


I have a working tactics to find traffic driving keywords on all niche without using any Keywords research tools. I mean it.

It’s very easy to implement and it’s been working for me and clients whom I’ve taught. anyway am not here to advertise i was only meant to share with you some best music keywords to drive secrete traffic to your music Blog but if you need my Keywords Dragoon tactic you can contact me with the available contact details on this Blog.

Here are some best music keywords you can secretly Blog about in your music Blog to keep driving traffic instead of just uploading music and Videos only

Some Best music keywords for Nigeria music Bloggers

  • free website to promote gospel songs
  • free music upload sites in nigeria
  • free naija music uploading sites
  • free site to upload music in Nigeria
  • how to promote your gospel music in Nigeria
  • Best gospel music uploading sites
  • free music promotion sites in Nigeria
  • where can i upload my song for free
  • how to upload music on tooxclusive
  • how to upload music on naijaloaded
  • how to submit song to radio stations in Nigeria
  • how much does it cost to promote a song in nigeria
  • how much does it cost to produce a song in nigeria
  • how to make it in nigeria music industry
  • how to make it in the gospel music industry
  • nigerian music producers contact
  • music sponsors contacts
  • companies that sponsor musicians in Nigeria
  • gospel music sponsorship

I must cut it short here because the list to best music Keywords that drives traffic are almost endless.

What you need to do as a new music Blogger is ” Create a Blog section inside your music Blog where you will write about other music related stuffs and those articles arw what will give you unlimited traffic for free while you keep uploading your normal music and videos alongside with your Well writing and well researched traffic driving articles.

  • With my Keywords Dragoon tactic you will learn how to get millions of traffic driving keywords in any niche you blog on.
  • I will also teach you how to write traffic driving Blog posts with those Keywords you’ve got.

Wrapping Up: Best Music Keywords

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If only you can understand the above steps and my inscriptions carefully, you will find it very easy to build and grow your new music blog in Nigeria without even spending.

Happy Reading………

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