Best Keyword difficulty tool and how i used it in getting Google traffic

Am here again today with another evergreen article as usual with the headline best keyword difficulty tool and how to use it in getting organic traffic easily

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The Key to successful Blogging is driving website traffic to your blog because without traffic you can not possibly make it as a blogger. many bloggers do think of how to get website traffic daily some do find it difficult while others find it easy to drive traffic because they understand almost all the strategies for traffic generation.

Without Controversy Keywords research is the first step to getting better organic traffic and this step every blogger must Adhere if you must succeed as a blogger. But did you know that even with your keywords research you can still get things wrong without a better analytics?.

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Here in my Blog i Teach what i practice and i practice what i teach. I have learnt that when doing your keywords research without knowing the keywords difficulty you may end up blogging a keyword with low competition and yet you won’t rank for it because some keywords have low competition but they possess high difficulty and such keywords could be extremely difficult to rank for.


Let me teach You something you may not know”””

What Is Keyword Difficulty Tool

The Keyword Difficult tool is an online tool which show you how difficult a keyword is to be ranked for when you blog about such keywords.

There are some keywords that are extremely difficult to rank for simply because some tight bloggers out there have strongly targeted those keywords and there is no way you can blog such keywords and come up on googles first page unless those blogs with such keywords seize to exist.

Without the keywords difficulty tool you can not possibly find out such keywords and if you target a keyword without knowing how difficult the keyword is to be ranked for then you are like a blind man because you may end up achieving a less ranking.

I love blogging about keywords that will keep me on Googles front page even if they have less Search volume. Am always ready to gather the little audience from Google than to blog a keyword with High search volume and at the end having low organic traffic because of the competition of such keywords.

Keywords with Low Competition and a better Keyword difficulty percentage can earn you more Organic traffic than ever.

Let me quickly show you the best keyword difficulty tool i do make use of and how i use it advantageously in getting organic traffic.

Best Keyword Difficulty Tool

There are many best keyword difficulty tool so i won’t draw my conclusion that this is actually the best of all, but at my end it’s the best among all that i have tested and it’s also free to use as you don’t need any monthly charge not even a registration portal.

I called it the best keyword difficulty tool because it gives me all that i want when doing my keywords research.

This keyword difficulty tool will show you the top10 blogs ranking first page for any keywords you search for and the % of the keywords difficulty.

Here is my Best keyword Difficulty Tool in getting Google keyword Ideas.

SEOTOOLSTATION Is an online tool for find keywords difficulty when creating new articles.

All you have to do is visit the above link and type in the keywords in the search bar then click on the search button to find your result.

If your keywords difficulty is above 50% I will advice you don’t target such keywords if in any way you are looking for ranking but if the keywords is below 50% and around 30% especially it’s certain you can rank for such keywords even without stress.

I didn’t say you cannot not rank for keywords above 50% but what am saying in essence is that ‘it can be very difficult to rank for such keywords especially for new born blogs’.

If your blog has gained a good reputation and authority online then you may think of targeting any keyword even with high difficulty as high as 70% but have it in mind that you have low chances of ranking for such keywords.

A keyword that rank easily on Google’s front page is the one that’s less Difficult. i love blogging about keywords around 30-40% difficulty because i know such keywords will earn me more organic traffic easily compared to others.

SEOTOOLSTATION as an online keywords difficulty tool will show you your competitors and the link to the articles on their blog.

best keyword difficulty tool

From the above Table my keywords is “Best Keyword Difficulty Tool which have 35% keyword ranking difficulty and right on the above table i must surely come top for this keyword because from what am seeing only one blogger has properly targeted this keyword.

He is the one who scored YES in his description area, URL area, Title area and the H1 section. If your competitors have their blog display YES in all of the table category that means they have properly targeted a keyword. but when they have NO in some sections it means they have missing such targets and those areas where they missed target are the areas you should focus to rank higher.

Use the targeted keywords in your url , your description, title area, H1 section and in the body of your post. the more the keyword appears in your blog post the more your chances of ranking for such keywords increase.

How i Use This best Keyword Difficulty Tool In finding lucrative keywords:

At times when i want to write new articles i don’t usually do keywords research with other tools like usual semrush things.

For instance if i want to write about Keywords research, i will just type in keywords research on Google search box and scroll down to the bottom of the page to see related google search results.

Google related search result will show you what other people are also searching about the keywords you just typed. the type of language others are using to find such keywords.

From the related Google searches i will just copy any title that people used in searching and go straight to my keywords difficulty tool to search it.

If the scores of the keyword is good then am set to go for it but if the keywords are pretty difficult to rank for , i will then copy another related search result and do likewise i will continue doing this untill i find a keyword from my related search which is very easy to rank for.

If You can get such keyword and blog about them, the next time people will uses that same language again in searching for what they want, they will see your site displayed in google front page with exactly the same language they have used.

Chances that they will click through your site to see their result is 98.5% because they have just found what they are looking for.

Even if they have other blogs under your blog during the search result which provides even a reliable information they will look at your blog first because the others used a differ language to interpret their headline and posts even though you are still focusing on the same conclusion.

With the above you don’t need to choose your headlines on your own, you don’t have to pick headlines at random your headlines and targeted keywords have to be the same as the language people uses in the search engine.

CONCLUSION: With the above easy tips about the SEOtoolstation the best keyword difficulty tool you can easily rank on googles front page using people’s search terms in generating your topic ideas and in getting your focused keywords.

Take Note: that any keyword that appears in your Google related search result is a keyword that some persons out there has typed on Google to find results. With the above tips you can use them advantageously in getting easy organic traffic.

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