4 Best Blog writing Apps i do make use of when writing new blog posts on mobile phones

As a beginner who wants to get started with Blogging, there’s no doubt you should be searching for best Blog writing Apps to create the best and appealing blog posts for your readers as a blogger who’s always looking forward to please his audience.

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Indeed there are many best blog writing apps online but with article, i will be showing some few top blog writing Apps i do make use of from my android mobile phone whenever am set to write new Blog post for my audience.

Below are some lists of Best Blog writing Apps you can download to get started for blog post creation.

Easy to use Best Blog writing Apps for android Mobiles Phones

Like i always tell you, i don’t blog on PC even with the presence on sound PC here. It’s like Mobile Blogging is gradually becoming a hobby.

Every blog post you read here is written with android mobile phone and below are the simple apps i do make use of.

  • English Dictionary:best Blog writing App

    Sometimes when writing new Blog posts, you always forget some spellings or meaning of words that are supposed to be fixed into your writing.

    With the aid of the English dictionary installed on your mobile phone, you can easily cross check to make sure you spelt some confusing words rightly. You can download English Dictionary. Apk here

  • Jota Text Editor:best Blog writing App

    Among the best Blog writing Apps, this one in particular has always remained the most useful and helpful one.

    I’ve tried many text editors but the jota text editor seem to be very easy to use.

    All you have to do is download and install the app on your android mobile phone. after that you can start your writing work immediately.

    With the aid of this app, You can write and save your articles in any format of your choice.

    Sometimes when writing lengthy blog posts, you can write bit by bit with this app till you’re finally done as it allows you to save your files till any time.

  • HTML Reader:best Blog writing App

    After writing, you need to make sure your little HTML Coddings are properly aligned to avoid error before publishing so you need to preview your work.

    During your writing you are likely to use some HTML like the bold, Colors, Italics, underline, and others. With the aid of this htm preview you can check to see exactly how your writing will appear when you publish them.

    You can download the HTML reader here

  • Word Counter:Best Blog writing App

    Sometimes after writing or when writing new blog posts you need to see how lengthy your blog post goes.

    With the word counter app download and installed on your mobile phone, you will only have to copy your writing from jota text editor and paste it on word counter app to get the number of words you have written per post , How many sentences you’ve used and characters included in your writing

    You can download and install the Word counter app here

Wrapping Up: Top3 Best Blog writing Apps

All of the above listed apps are what i do make use of when writing new blog posts

I hope you find the above apps really helpful? Kindly share and tweet us below and don’t forget to subscribe for more Blogging related and money making online tips.

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