Axagon PCEM2-DC – connects up to two M.2 SSDs to the PCI-E bus

Axagon PCEM2-DC – connects up to two M.2 SSDs to the PCI-E bus

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Fixes M2 Slot Problem on Desktop Computers Axagon PCEM2-DC Internal Adapter enables up to two M.2 SSD drives on PCI-E desktop bus (screenshots: Every computer enthusiast today is tempted to use SSD speed -this.

Apart from laptops, these quiet, cost-effective and fast devices are fast on desktop computers – their prices fall, and all kinds of compatible accessories are available on the market. We have recently introduced the MFA SATA SSD inner box from Axago, and we will now apologize to you for another useful product from the same manufacturer.

It is an Axagon PCEM2-DC internal adapter that allows connecting two M.2 SSDs to the PCI-E bus on the desktop. Such an adapter addresses the absence of a M2 slot in the computer and enables a quick upgrade of the SSD in this form. Recently, the market is flooded with M.2 cards, but older computers do not have a slot for them, and without a suitable adapter, the choice is limited to 2.5-inch SSDs with a SATA interface.

Adapter is supplied with connectors required for installation and Axagon PCEM2-DC documentation is a very interesting solution supported by M.2 devices – SATA and faster and faster NVM (PCI Express) as well as both sides, both sides, and all card sizes – 22 , 42, 60, 80 and 110 mm. With this adapter you will not have problems installing the M.2 SSD on your desktop computer. Moreover, both SSD cards can work together.

Axagon PCEM2-DC accepts M.2 SSDs of all sizes and capacities, one-sided and two-sided Adapter comes with a PCI-E 3.0 x4 interface that is compatible with x4, x8 and x16 slots and supports up to 8GBps. If you have a M.2 NVMe SSD, you will enjoy higher speed than the M.2 SATA SSD. Inside the box are adapters for mounting adapters and low profile chassis.

Axagon PCEM2-DC is designed with great attention to cooling. The adapter has a metal fan cover. Additionally, you will notice a number of copper plate valves that help more efficiently disperse the heat generated during SSD operation. The SATA SSD connects to the B-key slot and NVMe SSD into the M-key slot, and an important addition to the adapter is the passive cooler in the kit.

It can be mounted on an SSD card to further improve cooling. Thus, the combination of passive and active cooling maintains a low operating temperature that will allow you to maximize the performance of the SSD card installed in the adapter. The adapter is powered directly via a PCI-E bus and no external power is required. A double LED indicator is displayed when the adapter power is switched on and when the M.22 slots are being transmitted.

Installing NVM’s SSD on the Axagon M-Key PCEM2-DC is a plug-and-play device that is easily installed on your PC without any special settings or drivers. That’s what we’ve come across by installing an M.2 SSD adapter into an older desktop PC that runs Ubuntu’s management. By first booting the SSD was recognized and ready for formatting.

Ubuntu has unquestionably recognized the M.2 SSD card set on the adapter It’s important to note the M.2 SSD type that you will upgrade to your computer – whether it’s SATA or NVMe, since the adapter has two ports. SATA SSD connects to the B-key slot and NVMe SSD to the M-key slot. If your SATA device is connected, you must also connect the SATA connector to the computer’s motherboard.

Adapter supports M.2 SSD of all sizes and capacities. The screwdrivers, screws and other accessories required for installation are shipped with the device. You can use the adapter in Windows and Linux systems and load the system from one of the two M.2 SSDs.

Axagon PCEM2-DC – connects up to two M.2 SSDs to the PCI-E bus

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