Autonomous Gacha is stable in all conditions

Autonomous Gacha is stable in all conditions

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Nokian Hakkapeliitta Gacha is the first autonomous bus in the world that works in all weather conditions. Hazardous weather conditions prevent the functioning of unmanned vehicles, especially when they are developed and tested mainly in hot and mild weather conditions.

Gachin Robotic Bus Company, Sensible 4, a Finnish company, is the first in the world to operate in all weather conditions. Gacha uses a brand new management technology that has been tested for work in Arctic conditions in Lapland.

This gives it a unique competitive advantage over other autonomous mobile solutions. The new generation is being developed by Sensible 4 and Japanese MUJI. “We wanted to create an autonomous bus that works reliably at the worst possible time,” said Hans Santanama, Executive Director of Sensible 4.

Developed for extreme conditions, Nokian Hakkapeliitta tires allow you to ride everywhere where normal meteorological changes are made. The safety of winter tires is checked and placed on snow, ice and snowmobile in White hell, the largest winter tire testing center in the world.

Tires are the only contact point on the road surface, which makes them a very important safety factor. According to a recent survey conducted by Nokian Tires in Europe, nearly 60% of drivers think winter tires are the most important security attribute in But what kind of tires do you need cars for the future?

With the Nokian Hakkapeliitta, which provides the bus, contribute to the safe transport of passengers in extreme conditions. Traffic technologies are being developed and autonomous vehicles will be part of everyday life.

The steering systems for these self-propelled vehicles require the latest tires and different data for their work to make the ride manageable and safe in all situations, “says Yukka Cassie, senior vice president of Nokian Tires Products and Technology. Gacha, equipped with winter tires Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3, was presented to the public in March this year.

It is planned that the bus will be in service to transport passengers to three Finnish cities this spring. Sensib 4 and MUJI are planning to develop autonomous public utility vehicles and provide cargo services to consumers by 2021.

Autonomous Gacha is stable in all conditions

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