Artificial intelligence improves customer service

Artificial intelligence improves customer service

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Digital channels and online communities are becoming more important With more than 30% faster customer service with Cloud by Salesforce, “said Laura Georgieva.

We have to be everywhere where clients – social networks, the internet, mobile apps, and websites, but they also use the phone to connect with them. For this purpose, we need artificial intelligence in customer service, “said Lora Georgieva, software vendor at Next Consult, at the annual Salesforce conference, organized by the Bulgarian CRM partner 1 for the sixth time in a row in Sofia.

“Salesforce platform offers integrated service in which our message can be tailored to know what the customer is interested and how to react in accordance with the situation – an innovative service that is a massive service that uses the new technology tool Einstein AI’s built-in salesforce platform, explained is Georgieva.

Services Clients with 31% Cloud Clients, Service forces new generation of service clusters, have solved and advised startup companies to start with something small and step by step to upgrade their business growth. It is also a good idea for businesses to provide full self-service to customers by building their own portal and community on CRM platforms – thereby achieving a 50% reduction in user queries.

Last but not least, customer service is on-site, on-site, with innovative ground-breaking development applications. The advantage of the Salesforce platform is that more than 90 percent of its functionality can be changed without writing code, Laura Georgieva said, pointing to the growing importance of digital channels – research, 42 percent of communication and customer service today via digital channels.

Now it’s easier and more comfortable to communicate through the device in the pocket, not by phone or email, said Maxim Kolev. Online communities are becoming more influential and communication between clients and partners will be implemented primarily on the internet , according to a recent Gartner study, quoted by Maxim Kolev, a partner in CRM solutions at Next Consult.

According to the data, most users with product or service issues are seeking a solution outside the company, using information from specialized places or groups. “This trend is not a coincidence because it is easier and more convenient to communicate via devices in our pocket, rather than by phone or email.”

It is easier to use a specialized platform through which the user can obtain the necessary information, “Kolev said. If customers think that the functionality of their corporate portals corresponds to their customers, every 5 out of 10 companies react positively, but the customers themselves say – more than half say that their current corporate portals are not up to date.

“This is because portals have outdated, unmanaged user interfaces, no access to mobile devices, no basic functionality, difficult to maintain, and integrate with other systems.” They do not give the effect everyone is expecting, “said Kolev. to empower companies to develop portals themselves, and to share important information and processes with their clients.

For example, the buyer can order an order, service or sign up without need. call the phone and wait for the connection with the operator, explained Kolev. “With Salesforce, the company can independently create portals, forums, and websites with ready-made templates that can be adapted to corporate identity. To be fully functional, the portal must be integrated with all other systems in the company,” said Maxim Kolev.

Artificial intelligence improves customer service

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