Artificial Intelligence cleans Facebook from harmful content

Artificial Intelligence cleans Facebook from harmful content

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With its help, the network reveals nearly 97% of prohibited publications. Artificial Intelligence has a special role in Facebook’s prohibited content policy.  Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a special role in Facebook’s prohibited content policy.

Without it, the company could not cope with filtering a huge amount of content, a social networking report for the first quarter was published. Hate speech, violence, drug and arms trafficking, sexual exploitation, and other inappropriate content are blocked by artificial intelligence before any random user sees it on the social network.

According to Facebook, AI and machine training have significantly reduced the amount of banned content on the web. In six of the nine categories outlined in the report, Facebook has managed – with the help of artificial intelligence – to detect 96.8% of unacceptable publications and delete them before anybody noticed (compared to 96.2% in the 4 first quarter of 2018 , reports Venture Beat.

For the aggressive statements, the report states that artificial intelligence now helps to identify 65% ​​of over four million similar Facebook deleted messages each quarter compared to 24% a year ago and 59% in the fourth quarter 2018. Facebook also uses AI to identify messages, personal ads, photos and videos that violate the rules of advertising and selling prohibited goods such as drugs and firearms.

In the first trimester of 2019, the company took action against 900,000 drug-related publications, 83.3% was found with artificial intelligence. During the same period, Facebook discovered and removed about 670,000 firearms, of which 6 9.9% processed before moderators or users could face them. Various improvements in artificial intelligence algorithms have led to a decrease in the total volume of Facebook content prohibited content.

The company claims that every 10,000 social network visits only 11 to 14 users face pornographic content, and only 25 can see stories that contain cruelty and violence. As far as terrorism, child nudity and sexual exploitation are concerned, these numbers are even lower.

Facebook reports that in the first trimester of 2019, every 10,000 social network reviews in less than three cases encountered similar content. “Thanks to the proactive tracking of breaches, technology enables our team to focus on determining trends in the way perpetrators try to circumvent restrictions,” said Vice President Guy Rosen.

Another area where Facebook uses artificial intelligence is to detect unwanted mail accounts. At the F8 annual conference for development engineers in San Francisco, Mike Schrofe, the company’s technical director, said that Facebook has blocked more than a billion unwanted accounts, more than 700 million false accounts, and tens of millions of fragments containing body and bullet throat.

According to him, AI is the main source of discovery and opposition in these categories. If we are talking about exact numbers, Facebook blocked 1.2 billion accounts in the fourth quarter of 2018 and 2.19 billion in the first quarter of 2019.

Artificial Intelligence cleans Facebook from harmful content

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