Top10 Best Free Mobile Apps that pays in Nigeria 2019

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Top Best Apps that pays in Nigeria and apps to make money in nigeria:Today we all know that there is App for virtually everything we do, from biking club, cruise club, dating, Social networking, Banking, Investing, Savings, Emailing, SMS and even Training for Courses and Exams preparations. But besides that, there are lots of Apps that makes you earn Money across the globe ranging from AppTrailers, Quick Cash, Gigwalk down to AppBounty but in this post, I want to share with you guys Top 10 Apps that pays in Nigeria and the apps to make money in nigeria

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I will be writing this in a Review format where I will download, Install, analyse and evaluate 10 different Apps that can earn you some bucks here in Nigeria, some of them will earn you real cash paid into your Bank Account in Nairawhile others will have a mix of cash and Airtime but ultimately and in the end, these Apps pays, but before I get into the list of these APPs that pays in Nigeria, I will want to explain the notion behind these Apps and their modus operandi, like what you will do for them to earn this Money and how they also benefit from your engagement, participation or Task completion.

What I can do to get Paid using an Apps in Nigeria

1. Watching Videos:

Some Apps will pay you just for watching Videos online on their App, these Videos can be theirs or could be Videos of their Partners and they earn Money from their Partners for letting you and thousands of others watch this Videos and on the other hand these creates more awareness for their Partner’s Contents, Products or Services.

2. Taking Surveys:

Getting the Public Opinion about a Products, Services or matter is what so many organization cannot do without, in other to understand their target audience and to have a better understanding of the Market, they have to conduct a Survey, and most times for people to spare their time and answer their Surveys, they must be some sought of benefits attached to it and some third party companies serves as a proxy to these big brands to gather opinions from the public or a certain group of personas through Surveys which they in turn submit back to the Companies for Bucks, so they will be willing to share some of these Money with you for your time.

3. For Downloading Apps:

Some New App Owners are always looking for ways to put their apps out there for people to know about it and download it, there is so much noise in the Marketplace and there are lots of crowd out there but how can users give you the chance to try out your App to see that it’s worth it if not by convincing them through Offers like these.

Some Apps will pay you Money for downloading, installing and using other Apps, these kind of promotional medium could be linked to CPI (Cost Per Install) Programs where new Mobile App owners agree to pay a certain amount of Money to third Party companies per install of their Apps.

4. Verifying Information with Proof:

Some Apps pays it users by assigning certain task to them and give them cash reward for completing those task, for instance there are Apps that are verifying information in their website or database uploaded by users and they need someone living within that axis or someone who travelled there to verify if such place, office or shop exit by going in there and take pictures and upload as proof, then earn.

5. Testing of Apps:

Some new Apps will need users to test their Apps thoroughly that everything is working perfectly before taking it to the Market and these App Bounty programs allows you to see these Apps, their Description and download to test, in the process the tester could even become a user and recommend it to others.

Having learnt some services to render in order to earn money online from using certain money making application online, let’s move on to our list of Top 10 Apps that actually pays in Nigeria.

Top 10 Apps that Pays in Nigeria

So below are the Top 10 Apps that pays in Nigeria. Note: Some of these Apps will want you to reach a certain threshold before you can withdraw your earnings while some doesn’t and some are global while some are accepted and used only in Nigeria and today am sharing Apps that pays you here in Nigeria.

  • 1. Quizbango:Apps to make money in nigeria

    Quizbango pays their users everyday. you don’t have an excuse not to make money from quizbango app because both new and old members are given equal opportunity to compete with each other again on daily basis. they support and pays other users from countries like Nigeria 🇳🇬, Ghana 🇬🇭, Kenya 🇰🇪, South Africa 🇿🇦, Uganda 🇺🇬, Tanzania 🇹🇿, and Rwanda 🇷🇼! etc

    . Download the Quizbango App here

  • 2. Insta Naira:Apps to make money in nigeria

    So what does Insta Naira does? It pays you coins or tokens for watching Videos, reading News articles and referring Friends to us the App.

    Apps that pays in Nigeria

    Instanaira pays you as low as 1 coin per Article read and 20 coin for logging in each day while it pays you up to 2 coins for watching a short Video meanwhile on the other hand you will need a threshold of a minimum of 2,000 coins in other to withdraw the Cash or use it as Airtime. You can Download the Instanaira App here

  • 3. Naira Rewards:Apps to make money in nigeria

    Naira Rewards is Nigerian most rewarding App. Naira Rewards gives you reward coins that you can use in exchange for Airtime in Nigeria or withdraw your coins in exchange for cash which will be deposited into your bank account.

    Apps that pays in Nigeria

    So basically you carry out the designated task on the App and you are credited with Coins that you can later exchange for Cash or Airtime. Download Naira Reward app Here

  • 4. Daily Naira:Apps to make money in nigeria

    Daily Naira offers videos to watch and earn Cash coins for every Video you watch on the App. You can cash out up to N8,000 from your Earnings. Download the Daily Naira App here

    Apps that pays in Nigeria

    You can also earn Money for your genuine verified Referrals of Friends, Family and Loved ones who also signup. Download DailyNaira app

  • 5. Make Money App:Apps to make money in nigeria

    The Make Money App offers you opportunity to earn by installing other Apps and playing great action Games but not limited to taking Surveys. You can Download the Make Money App here

    Apps that pays in Nigeria

    From your activities and Task, you will earn Points which you can then convert to either Cash in PayPal, Amazon Gift Card, Google Play Gift and Qiwi Money within 48 Hours.

  • 6. Money App:Apps to make money in nigeria

    With the Money App installed on your Phone, you get rewarded with Money for completing tasks like Watching Videos, Completing Surveys, Testing Free Services, Playing Free Games, giving Opinions and lots of other great Offers and Tasks. You can download Money App here

    Apps that pays in Nigeria

    Money App has a good Reputation online with a 4.8 Star ratings from a 100,462 Reviews, that is quite decent for an App that pays.

  • 7. WowApp – Earn. Share. Do Good:Apps to make money in nigeria

    WowApp is a FREE revolutionary platform that allows you to earn as a result of your daily activities. You can Download the App here

    apps that pays in Nigeria

    Once you have earned real money with WowApp, the choice is yours: you can either cash out for yourself or choose to do good for others by donating to one of the nearly 2,000 supported charities, in over 110 countries.

  • 8. MOB ROG:Apps to make money in nigeria

    Companies and academic researchers want to hear your opinion so that they can develop new products and improve their existing products and services.

    apps that pays in Nigeria

    Using the MOB ROG app, you can take part in interesting surveys and earn money with your participation. No matter what time it is or where you are. Download MOB ROG app Here

  • 9. Google Opinion Reward:Apps to make money in nigeria

    This is an app created by the Google Surveys team. It allows you to Answer quick surveys and earn Google Play credit with Google Opinion Rewards. You can Download the mobile Application here

    apps that pays in Nigeria

    Google is a well-respected brand and these app works for so many Countries though the Surveys that comes won’t be that much but it can sure earn you some Bucks.

  • 10. Street Bees:Apps to make money in nigeria

    Remember that I talked about Companies who pays a third party company to gather people’s ideas and perspective about a certain area of concern or Product? Now that is what Street Bees does. You can download it here

    apps that pays in Nigeria

    Street Bees is a Survey App that pays you for answers to simple questions, meanwhile Task to do are always showed to you once in a While. You can chat with Brands one on one to share your Ideas, Opinions and thoughts with them.

Wrapping Up: Best Apps that pays in Nigeria

out of all the make money online apps listed here, i will recommend using quizbango because you get to learn new stuffs while you get paid. These Apps to make money in nigeria might not make you a fortune or Millions of Dollars but can help you make some little bucks and cover your Internet bills and some other little utility bills like Airtime topup etc.

However, with your effort and dedication in participating on these Apps to make money in nigeria, you can earn pretty good income online.

When using this Apps to make money in nigeria, i solidly advice you signup and register with more than one app so that you get many activities to earn at every point in time.

If in any means you’re required of PayPal account to Withdraw your earning, you can create on here

Should in case I missed any other legit Apps that pays in Nigeria 2018, 2019, 2020 and beyond that you know about please kindly indicate such app in the comment section below and I will update it here as soon as possible.

If you find our lists of highest paying Apps really helpful, Kindly comment and tweet us below. Don’t forget to subscribe to more of our updates regarding how to make money online in Nigeria for free using android mobile apps. Stay Updated….
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