Apple’s key investor left the company

Apple’s key investor left the company

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Apple is developing its own mobile processor series, making the new iPhone and iPad models so powerful. This component continues to be one of the main advantages of devices compared to their competitors in the Android market.

The company will continue to invest great development tools for processors to reduce dependence on other leading hardware vendors. One of their most experienced semiconductor specialists, however, surprisingly left his job.

This is for Gerard Williams III, who until now is the director of the Apple’s Architecture Platform Division. His career in the company started nine years ago and has a major role in the development of each generation of their A7 processors – the first 64-bit mobile chip in the world.

Gerard Williams III is also key to creating the Apple A12X, and this architecture is powered by the latest versions of the iPad Pro. The reasons for his withdrawal from the company so far have not been publicly announced, CNet reported.

Before starting work at Apple, he has been employed by the ARM for more than 12 years, where he gets valuable experience in creating chips. We remind you that the company creates architectures that use third-party processors such as Qualcomm, Samsung, MediaTek, and Apple.

Gerald Williams III has also registered over 60 patents related to the design of mobile processors. Probably we will soon learn the name of his deputy, who will lead the Platform Architecture department.

Apple’s key investor left the company

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