Apple failed to protect the cult phrase Steve Jobs

Apple failed to protect the cult phrase Steve Jobs

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Swatch opposes the right to use the well-known “And Something else”, “Another thing” Steve Jobs is not an expression that Apple can use exclusively, the court ruled.

Apple suffered another defeat at Swiss Swatch watchdog court, albeit due to various allegations, which rarely happens with the IT giant Cupertina, known by sometimes strange claims of intellectual property.

A few weeks ago, Apple could not forbid Swatch to use the slogan “Tick different” because it looked very similar to her “Think Different”. Cupertino lost another case for the same company. The case is similar to the first one – Apple wanted a court ban on using Swatch’s “Another thing” phrase.

It is part of Swatch’s marketing arsenal and is completely identical to the cult expression of Steve Jobs when Apple’s legend introduced new products. The court, however, admitted Swatch’s right to use this slogan. In addition, Apple will also have to pay court costs, said Sydney Morning Herald.

The term “Another thing”, thanks to Steve Jobs, was first associated with him, though his successor Apple Tim Cook began to use it in his speeches. However, this term was never directly relevant to a particular Apple product and was used exclusively during presentations.

In the case of Swatch, the same phrase is used to advertise certain products and, according to the company, was not borrowed from Steve Job, but from the Colombo detective series. In the movie, the detective uses a similar phrase too often – “Just another thing”.

Apple failed to protect the cult phrase Steve Jobs

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