Apple blames Intel for weak selling Mac computers

Apple blames Intel for weak selling Mac computers

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Apple has always maintained the image of a successful company with an impeccable reputation and quality of its products that wants to dominate its competitors.

The technology giant officially announced its latest financial results that show MacOS computer revenue declined in the first quarter of 2019. The main reason Apple points out is the “CPU processor limitations” it receives from Intel, TechRadar reported.

The company claims that beyond these problems, the MacOS division certainly has the potential to generate profits, compared with the same period in 2018. In fact, Apple and Intel have been collaborating in the technology industry for years, but their relationship is not as complete as it was.

We have already informed you that Intel is leaving the market of the 5G smartphone, which is caused by the fact that the orders for these components of the phone will be downloaded from Qualcomm.

Apple’s main desire is to develop its own processors to have full control over the hardware of the iPhone, iPad and MacBook. One of the possible solutions is to acquire AMD, one of the largest manufacturers of processors based on the ARM.

This will eliminate the dependence on external suppliers of purchases, but it will also reduce production costs. Apple has the necessary financial resources to implement such an agreement and the solution is fully linked to their strategic goals.

Apple blames Intel for weak selling Mac computers

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