Android will now warn us if we go too far

Android will now warn us if we go too far

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Frequent travellers of smartphones were certainly surprised by the unexpectedly high monthly bills for calls and the Internet. Despite the ambitious plans to introduce the same standards for all users, the fact is that when we are in another country, we are never sure that we will not generate much traffic.

This is most often the case with automatic switching of networks to mobile operators. A new Android feature will help us in these situations.

Google developers are already experimenting with a method that will let us know if we start spending a few minutes on planets or megabytes of data. That way, with one click on the screen, we will be able to respond and save potential accumulation of saline monthly step.

The feature is still in its infancy and is part of the Android Open Source Software (AOSP) program, xda developers report. The final version is likely to become part of Android Q.

The feature will be customizable with several modes of operation, one of which will automatically block mobile internet to roaming sites. Any user will be able to change the menu setting if they change their mind.

Google’s Notification Tests contain the following text “Raising Data Enabled”, accompanied by “Roaming Fees Can Be Applied. The integration of this feature can be useful for many people.

Android will now warn us if we go too far

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