Android Q will improve the sound quality of smartphones

Android Q will improve the sound quality of smartphones

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The next version of the operating system will offer a number of improvements and is expected to be available for autumn users. We’ve already informed you how to install the first beta version of Android Q, and now we understand more about the new features.

Google engineers experiment with different concepts on how to improve sound quality in Android Q. The latest review version now uses the interface of the developer’s MicrophoneDirection APIs.

In practice, this means that Android Q smartphones will include support for a new generation of enhanced microphones, reports AndroidAuthority. The concept is this functionality that allows mobile applications to choose the direction in which the sound should be diverted when recording audio from smartphones.

In this way, the devices will be able to reproduce louder and more crystal clear sound, which is suitable for recording or streaming video in real time.

For example, if you are recording a video with a camera, you can switch to the front microphone that will optimize the audio clip. The function is expected to support the so-called “Sensitive microphones” function that allows smartphones to focus on a particular subject or space during recording.

Google developers will still experiment with similar ideas to help Android Q deliver the best sound quality in the mobile industry.

Android Q will improve the sound quality of smartphones

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