And the Boeing satellite, with "drive anomalies"

And the Boeing satellite, with “drive anomalies”

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Intelsat’s Emergency Commission Explains The Causes of April 7 Satellite System 29e Fails. Intelsat announced the shutdown of satellite work on April 10th. The operator, together with Boeing, called the “collision analysis board”, which has to identify the cause of the anomaly.

April 7, 29e the system of the satellite drive suffered a malfunction. As the satellite recovered, there was another “anomaly”, after which the efforts to rescue the satellites were completely unsuccessful.

According to Intelsat, most interrupted services provide renewal via other satellites to operators or third-party satellites, reports Reuters. So far no Boeing comment is available.

Earlier, two accidents involving Boeing 737 Max aircraft, killed five hundred people in five months, have caused airline companies from around the world to ban this model.

And the Boeing satellite, with “drive anomalies”

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