AMD fixed Ryzen’s problems with the updated driver

AMD fixed Ryzen’s problems with the updated driver

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Updated software includes beta solution for Destiny 2 New AMD launcher solves Ryzen 3rd generation processor problem. AMD announces major update to monitor software tools that take into account unexpected behavior of 3rd generation AMD Ryzen Windows processors for desktops.

The new chip driver (version 1.07.29) is now available for download, allowing the updated “AMD Ryzen Balanced Energy Management Plan” to solve the problem. In addition, the new AMD Ryzen Master (version has been updated with voltage and temperature reading techniques that more realistically reflect CPU behavior.

This update does not need users of previous generations of AMD Ryzen products, so there is no need to install a chipset driver, the company said. The new chip driver also includes a beta solution for Destiny 2, which solves the problem for some users who are unable to start the game.

To address other software titles that may be affecting, future AGESA 1003ABB production BIOSs will produce a new complete solution from AM4 motherboard manufacturers. They will be available a few weeks after extensive quality control tests.

AMD fixed Ryzen’s problems with the updated driver

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