Amazon is developing a free streaming service

Amazon is developing a free streaming service

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Music streaming services are becoming increasingly popular and in this segment dominate Spotify and Apple Music. Of course, there are alternative platforms where you can listen to your favorite songs when you are on the go.

Now we understand that Amazon is also very interested in this niche market. Representatives of companies have already begun negotiating large labels to discuss opportunities for future partnership.

The idea is that Amazon’s streaming service is free to users, but generates revenue from advertising. The platform is expected to include Alexa’s integration and be available for smart Echo speakers, Mashable reports.

There is a high probability that the official premiere will happen in the next few weeks. More and more people use similar listening services from smartphones, so they become more and more popular.

Analysts also recall that the three major record companies, Universal Music Group, Warner and Sony, together, generated about $ 6.9 billion from their 2018 license catalogs.

Amazon currently offers premier music, with an annual subscription fee of $ 119 or Amazon Music Unlimited, which costs $ 9.99 per month and offers a diverse collection of content without a premium profile. These suggestions are used by more than 20 million people worldwide.

Amazon is developing a free streaming service

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