Amazon bought a robotic warehouse

Amazon bought a robotic warehouse

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Canvas Technology has not been reported Amazon is increasingly automating and robotizing its robotic enforcement centers. Online giant Amazon has announced that it has acquired Canvas Technology – the young robotic company in Colorado, Canvas is the creator of an autonomous model of a rug that can move goods through large warehouses.

Amazon does not comment on the price of the deal, but points out that companies “share a vision of the future where people work together with robots to enhance security and work experience.” The world’s largest online retailer increasingly automates and robotizes its robots, says Reuters.

Originally, Amazon was largely relying on the Kiva Systems models, which they then agreed to buy for $ 775 million in 2012. Now these robots transport goods from shelf to warehouse to office workers handling customer orders.

In addition, Amazon is increasingly interested in autonomous vehicle management technologies. The company recently joined $ 530 million in Aurora Innovation Inc., a young, unmanned vehicle company.

Amazon bought a robotic warehouse

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